BAADER New Salmon Skinning Machine

Optimised for skinning fresh or smoked salmon, the specially designed Easy-Grip BAADER 240 leaves no skin on the fish’s tail and guarantees high-yield.

The twin lanes of the machine run individually and it is possible to process around 50 fillets per minute. In addition, skinning results are even due to the self-adjusting blade holders.

The machine allows for deep and shallow skinning, as well as a maximum shallow skinning. The changeover between deep and shallow is easily achieved with only one handle.

BAADER 240 is easy to adjust, both during operation and when being dismantled for cleaning. No tools are needed for dismantling or for installing additional options, such as a transfer plate that allows fillets to pass through the machine without skinning.

A SINGLE lane skinning machine is also available. With this option, it is possible to re-merge the skin and a smoked fillet automatically after small adjustments of the discharge belt.