Bakkafrost is building a new state-of-the-art salmon factory at Glyvrar to centralise their processing capacity.

With this new facility, Bakkafrost expects to set new benchmarks for the salmon processing market.

BAADER is pleased to announce that Bakkafrost has decided to buy BAADER 142 gutting machines for their new factory, which will open in 2016.

Bakkafrost CEO Regin Jacobsen said: "The BAADER 142 is the best solution for a perfect and clean princess cut.

"A perfect final product starts with a perfect gutting. We have long good relationship with BAADER and very good experience with their products and service so we decided to sign this contract."

Bakkafrost is committed to maintaining the highest standards. With their new factory, the company will follow this commitment and invest in the latest innovative technology.

BAADER’s salmon processing solution is one core part of this sophisticated new factory.

Jacobsen said: "We already worked with the BAADER 434 heading machine, the BAADER 581 filleting machine, the BAADER 518 transfer unit and the BAADER 988 trimming machine and the Baader 560 final inspection for several years, and we are very happy with the performance of these machines.

"That was the reason why we now will complete the existing line with the new six-lane pinboner BAADER 867 together with a two to six divider.

"With this complete system, together with the corresponding software, we will definitely improve our efficiency and fulfill our commitment to sustainability.

"A second salmon processing line from BAADER, which will be delivered beginning of 2016, will help us to reach our goal for higher capacity."