BAADER filleting machine

BAADER’s new machine, BAADER 581, produces high-quality fillets with a high-yield. The machine is designed with respect to hygiene, food safety, maintenance, performance, fillet quality, production control, and speed. In 2017, the BAADER 581 will be including a belly cutter.

With BAADER’s salmon solution, including the BAADER 988 Trimmer, the customer can change products on the fly, providing flexibility. From an A to D trim, premium fillets are formed to customer requirements.

The BAADER 867 2 or 4 lane POST RIGOR Pinbone Remover is also part of the BAADER Salmon Solution. This controlled the 2to4 Fillet Divider, which is designed for better product flow and less handling in the line. Adjustments of the fillet divider can also be stored in the recipe archive of the pinboner.

It is possible to store a variety of different recipes within BAADER’s machines, making it very easy to change between different fish qualities. It is also designed in consideration of the latest hygiene standards, being easy to clean and maintain.