JBT Corporation and Nordischer Maschinenbau Rud Baader GmbH (The BAADER Group) have announced a co-operation agreement.

The technology sharing agreement between JBT and BAADER will create new offerings for fish and poultry processors, combining waterjet technology from JBT with poultry and fish processing, as well as x-ray technology from BAADER.

The co-operation agreement facilitates the introduction of a high-capacity fish processing line with x-ray detection from BAADER in combination with a waterjet system from JBT to the global fish processing industry.

The North American poultry market receives with this co-operation a complete product handling, portioning and weighing solution.

The combination of JBT’s waterjet system and BAADER’s weighing technology will provide customers with integrated processing solutions that expands throughput and reduces labour costs.

JBT has a history of innovation in the food industry from 1880 and delivers portioning, coating, cooking, sterilisation, pasteurisation, freezing, and liquid food processing systems to the global food processing industry.

Its vision-guided DSI waterjet portioning and trimming system leads the industry with more than 300 installations, 30 years of proven performance, and an expert network of service and applications engineering professionals, delivering the most reliable waterjet portioning solution.

BAADER is providing a full range of technologically advanced processing systems to customers worldwide. The company plans, designs and installs complete processing lines for fish and poultry, including fish processing facilities ashore and onboard shipping vessels.