Svein Gustav Sinkaberg

SinkabergHansen has invested 25 million Norwegian kroner in a new processing factory and new BAADER equipment. "With innovation we doubled our capacity for fresh fillets," says Svein Gustav Sinkaberg.

SinkabergHansen is a proactive and progressive aquaculture operator in Norway with priority to control the entire value chain from smolt to finished fish and processed goods. Its main focus is: top quality at all levels.

This focus fits BAADER’s philosophy of ‘Quality in all phases’. BAADER’s goal is to ensure that each step of the process is completed without defects in preparation for the next step of processing. In case of processing defects, intelligent production control systems enable upstream information for correction or adjustment.

SinkabergHansen invested about 25 million Norwegian kroner for renovating its premises and for a complete new BAADER salmon line – from chilling to fillet grading – all from one source.

With this new equipment the capacity in the filleting area was doubled.

Within four weeks the renovation and installation of the BAADER equipment was finished and the processing started up again.

"The installation phase works very well and I would like to thank the BAADER team for a great job and for the hard work to reach the goal," says factory head Eskil Lauvik.

"We invested in these new equipment with the aim to get a streamline production. The fish is supposed to run through the production as soon as possible and with as less as possible manual touching. This contributes to better hygiene and higher quality end product," explains Svein Gustav Sinkaberg.

"With the BAADER high-tech equipment we reached that goal and we doubled our capacity with the same amount of people. We also save a lot of time for cleaning because the BAADER machines are designed regarding the newest hygiene regulations [and] are very easy to clean," he adds.

"With this pre-rigor filleting line from BAADER and due to our closeness to our own raw material we can react very flexibly to the customer needs and we can supply the European market with very fresh fillets on short notice. BAADER’s B’Logic Software is also part of the line and will help to measure the line efficiency and to optimise our production."