AGO Establishes new business unit

AGO has announced the establishment of new business unit AGO Bioenergy.

With AGO Bioenergy, the company can now offer integrated energy solutions in countries that do not have natural gas as their primary energy source.

In combination with AGO’s Biogas systems, combined heat and power plants (CHP) and combined cooling heat and power plants (CCHP) can now be offered economically and sustainable to different industries in emerging markets.

The AGO Bioenergy converts organic waste into unique, custom-tailored energy concepts. With the company’s integrated energy concepts, it optimises production for different food manufacturing industries and solves existing and long-term energy problems and bottlenecks.

AGO’s low-temperature absorption chiller Congelo will be a driving element in these integrated energy concepts.
Managing director of the newly established AGO Bioenergy Thorsten Winkler has led the operations since 1 August.

CEO Günther Hein said: "The establishment of the new business unit Bioenergy underlines our strategy of expanding our operations beyond the borders of Germany.

"With Thorsten Winkler we are pleased to have won an experienced professional for the development of the business unit and for building a solid market structure".