Brewie invites you to CeBIT, a global event for digital business in Hannover, Germany.

Brewie will be appearing among many other businesses between 20 March and 24 March, with exciting news about the company’s future. Join the company for a special Brewie beer.

As you might know, shipping of the first hundred Brewie machines started in late November and is continuing to Brewie’s customers around the world. CeBIT, as a leading event for businesses, is expected to prove to be a cornerstone of building a network of partnerships that will provide Brewie owners an easily accessible and fast service.

Brewie will attend CeBIT to achieve this; a smooth road from manufacturing to utilisation for upcoming Brewie products. With your help, the company might reach that goal.
If you wish to visit CeBIT, Brewie is able to hand out a limited amount of tickets for the venue. There, the company’s welcoming staff can introduce themselves in detail, and tell you about Brewie’s plans for the future, including the Brewie webshop and social platform.

Brewie will be available at the D62 Stand, in Hall 5, inside the Hungarian Pavilion.