Enerquip has broken ground on the construction of facility improvements to meet its plans for continued growth.

Enerquip is one of the leading providers of heating and cooling equipment for production plants, as well as the OEMs and system integrators that support them.

The company crafts stainless steel and high alloy shells and tube heat exchangers of the highest quality, with delivery lead-times that are half of the industry standard.

Enerquip heat exchangers can vary in size from the length of a loaf of bread to the size of a school bus. Additions to the facility include an expanded and remodelled office area, with room for ten new employees.

The facility also installed Wi-Fi, which will allow employees to use state-of-the-art video meeting screens to remotely review projects with clients from their conference rooms.

Enerquip president Jeannie Deml said: "We wanted Enerquip to make a better first impression on our customers, and to be a place that our employees are proud to come to work."

Enerquip also added more windows throughout the facility to allow access to additional natural light. The facility increased its shop floor space by 25% by adding vertical storage racks.

Plant manager Tim Strebig said: "With the additional space and updated facilities, Enerquip will be able to serve customers more efficiently, increase production throughput and volume and blend better with the surrounding neighbourhood."

Indoor renovations were completed for staff to move in by the end of January 2015.