With JIMCO’s FLO-D Mini Mark 2, you can easily and simple disinfect all surfaces and clean the room in a short period of time. It can for example be used to remove odour nuisances, improve the indoor climate, and reduce the risk of fire and infection. Within a short period of time, the machine has disinfected the room with more than 99.99 % of all surfaces that are in contact with air.

With the FLO-D system, you can datalog your treatment and document the effectiveness. All this happens when you set up the system.

Why switch to automatic surface disinfection?

  • Avoid time-consuming manual disinfection with water and chemicals.
  • Safe thousands of litres of water and energy for heating and drying.
  • Disinfect more effectively in corners, cracks and ventilation ducts and cooling surfaces.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals that affect the environment and work environment.
  • Avoid environmentally harmful discharges of chlorine-containing.
  • Big savings.

You set the FLO-D Mini Mark 2 up to disinfect surfaces after dawn when the daily cleaning of machines and surfaces has taken place and there are no people in the room.

Where can FLO-D Mini Mark 2 be used?

Except for production premises, the solution can be used in for example:

  • Cooling and storage rooms
  • Laboratories
  • The healthcare sector for disinfection of bed sections etc.

Since the advent of the machine, JIMCO has tested and achieved extremely positive results – From both test and practical use. It has been tested at various companies in collaboration with DTU and the Danish Fisheries Research Institute and the University of Southern Denmark.