New stricter ammonia limits and cold weather nitrification are two of the many issues that hinder a lagoon-based wastewater treatment system. In an area where the seasonal temperatures are low it is impossible to nitrify in the lagoons. Biowater’s system handles both of these issues with ease and is less expensive than other retrofit solutions.

A Biowater Complete Mix Fixed-Film (CMFF®) system upgrade consists of a fixed film system treatment system including sieves, blowers and biomedia. This system takes the place of a lagoon in ¼ of the space. In most cases the new system provides single digit BOD and TSS numbers to POTW discharge.

The basis of our CMFF biofilm technology is the biological growth on polyethylene pieces called media or carriers. These surfaces provide a protective surface area for the biology to grow. The biofilms can handle extremely high loading conditions without any problems with clogging or shock.

Biowater’s CMFF treatment plant has many benefits:

  • Compact
  • Water reuse capabilities
  • Flexible design – use any size tanks
  • Remote monitoring
  • Eliminates sludge return
  • Easy retrofit
  • Low capital cost
  • Low operational costs