Since 2007, Biowater has established itself as a technology leader in the field of biological wastewater treatment. The need for clean water on a global basis is enormous and it will further increase in the years to come, as will the need for re-use of water. Biowater is well positioned in this market and is launching the next generation biofilm technology with a focus on re-use and energy savings.

To achieve this expected growth, Biowater will continue to develop new and more efficient technologies for treatment of water and wastewater at the same time as the company is strengthening its international sales network.

As a result of this increased focus on sales, Terje Andersen, current CEO and one of the founders of Biowater, will take on the role of international sales and marketing manager, and Mr Audun Lødemel has been named as the new CEO of Biowater.

Audun Lødemel brings over 20 years of sales and business development experience from the IT industry. Mr Lødemel joins Biowater Technology from Norman, where he most recently held the position of vice president marketing and business development with worldwide responsibility. During his ten years with Norman, Mr Lødemel held various executive and senior management roles. Mr Lødemel has, prior to this, successfully established and built businesses and business units into the Nordic ICT market.

Terje Andersen previously held the position as CEO of Kaldnes Miljøteknologi (later AnoxKaldnes), a position he held for 13 years before he, together with Mr Thorbjørn Westrum, started Biowater in 2007. Mr Andersen has more than 13 years of experience working with international sales of biological solutions for wastewater treatment.

"With its newly developed biological technologies, Biowater is well positioned to further increase its market share within the treatment of water and wastewater. Since the start in 2007, Biowater has had the ambition to be one of the global leaders within this market, and the re-organization we now are doing will significantly strengthen us as a company. Mr Audun Lødemel brings broad experience in technology sales and will bring to Biowater new ideas to achieve the growth we are expecting. At the same time we will free up resources to better support our international sales partners," says Terje Andersen.

"Biowater Technonlgy has an impressive technology giving the company sustainable competitive advantage in the wastewater treatment industry. This represents significant potential for further development, and I am excited about the opportunity to lead Biowater Technology into its next phase of growth," says Mr Lødemel, the new CEO of Biowater.

"The board of Biowater has high expectations to the hiring of Mr Audun Lødemel and the company is positioned to even further strengthen its international sales organization to achieve the growth we are looking for," says Mr Øivind Lund, chairman of Biowater Technology.