In half a century, Bry-Air, founded in 1964 by Art Harms, a former Bryant Sales Representative, has grown from a small product line in a rented warehouse in New Jersey to a major force in the global desiccant dehumidification market. Bry-Air has built a solid reputation as a trusted solutions provider to customers around the world who need independent precise control of temperature and humidity in their processes, for the products, and in critical storage applications. The desiccant dehumidification system was invented by applying silica gel media into an air handling system by the Bryant Organization out of which Bry-Air was formed. This year we celebrate our 50th year as Bry-Air, with more than 80 years of company history behind us applying desiccants.

From its humble beginnings, Bry-Air grew to be a trusted partner of the companies whose products you use every day. What has been responsible for this success? A number of factors contributed, among them a stable and highly trained workforce, an extraordinarily broad range of expertise in solving the most challenging environmental conditioning problems and a total customer focused culture.

Bry-Air equipment provides the environmental conditions for products such as meat and poultry, sausage and pepperoni drying, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals with applications ranging from powered ingredients to gel caps, sugars, flours, spices, confections, chocolates, candies, plastics, bottles, detergents, chemicals, lithium ion batteries, electrical generation and pollution prevention, glass, jewelry and many others while protecting equipment and facilities such as water treatment, military equipment, aircraft, ships and many others from dangerous corrosion. Bry-Air equipment is also responsible for protecting the condition of rare often irreplaceable documents, books, artwork, and artifacts in archival storage and museums from the Smithsonian, The Library of Congress, universities and priceless private collections.

Bry-Air and its employees thank you for helping us reach this great milestone as consumers or direct customer you have helped us grow by producing or utilising the products which need our unique and trusted solutions.