For five years now Emsland Group has served the food market in the Middle East with a continuous growth. With a special focus on the snack market, Emsland Group creates tailor-made snack solutions for a high and continuously growing demand for extruded snacks in this region.

To fulfil this demand and to offer the very best support especially for the snack market but also for the entire food industry in the Middle East, Emsland Group opened a new office on 1 November in 2011 with a competent team in the region.

In time for next year’s Gulfood exhibition, where Emsland Group will repeat its presence, our new office will be in full operation in February 2012. Contact persons for the new office in the Middle East will be Mr. Zafer Hawawini and Mr. Thomas Hübner.

From 1 November you can reach us at:

Reef Tower, JLT, Dubai
Office 09/09
PO Box 115738
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4350 7508

Furthermore Emsland Group is now supported by a new sales manager, Mr. Shamsu Bahari Abu Bakar, who will be responsible for the specialities section in Asia Pacific. In the coming years the focus for Emsland Group on specialities in Asia Pacific will become more and more important.