Usually there is nothing exciting about pocket thermometers for the food industry. Not so the Cooper Atkins DFP450W; with a measuring range of –40°C to 300°C and an accuracy of +/-1°C it certainly meets the requirements for food safety systems, but there are two differences that make it unique.

Firstly, it is calibratable. This means that your supplier or service provider can adjust the instrument at its annual certification – note that certification annually is now recommended Safe Food Australia Standard 3.2.2 – rather than just applying a correction to the reading.

Secondly, the thermometer is able to be used in dishwashers up to 70°C with Maximum function recording the water temperature. With all these functions Cooper Atkins also offers a limited lifetime warranty as a gesture of confidence in its quality product.

Cooper Atkins is a major US manufacturer of food safety instrumentation, both electronic and bimetal, and its products are recommended by 90% of the major chain restaurants in the USA. The company is represented in Australia by ECEFast.