PReview 5714 is a universal four-digit 1/8 DIN panel display. It is designed to show digital current, voltage signals, resistance and all thermocouples and RTDs.

Scrolling help instructions

PReview 5714 is elegant, universal, reliable and user-friendly. A new feature is the scrolling help text that guides the user step by step, securing a simple and correct configuration by use of the front keys.

The dialogue between user and display is effected through the large four-digit, 14-segment LED display. Contrary to ordinary seven-segment displays, a 14-segment display can make use of the entire alphabet, whereby the visualisation of letters in the menu structure and thus the user understanding are optimised. Apart from the digital indication of input values and alarm information two yellow front LEDs indicate the relay status.

The following display parameters can be configured:

  • Input type
  • Output signal
  • Two, three and four wire with Pt100 sensors
  • Relay functions including time delays on and off
  • Position reading of valves, actuators and level sensors through potentiometer input

Great reliability ensures the process

The input, output and voltage supply of the PReview 5714 are highly protected. The current input is protected against excess current, the output is current-limited and the voltage supply is polarity protected. Moreover, the display tightness of IP65 safeguards the electronics in connection with cleaning (for example). For more extreme environments and extended display protection a splash-proof cover is available as accessory. These protection features and the impressive usability minimise configuration errors and optimise the application efficiency. Naturally, the new display is backed by PR electronics’ five-year product guarantee.

Universal and reasonable

PReview 5714 is available from stock in three variants, all with 24-250 VDC/AC universal voltages. The display can be implemented in many different applications and carry out various tasks due to its universality. Hence, the user will become increasingly familiar with the display and the costs in connection with stock control and purchase will decrease. Furthermore, the PReview 5714 can be used worldwide as it complies with the UL (USA), DNV (marine) as well as the strictest European standards. Consequently, the PReview 5714 is a unique display with many features and advantages at a very competitive price.

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