Web-based systems have the advantage of the information being accessible regardless of the location of either the subject or the viewer. Furthermore, the software installed on all computers except the server is simply a standard web browser. ECEFast has developed a program called RampX DC, which is a flexible data acquisition and control platform that has been proven in diverse applications over the past few years. The program is coded in Java and it runs on most PCs, and the entire support systems, including Java and LINUX, are licence-free.

The version for temperature monitoring is floor plan based, allowing selection of buildings, floors, rooms and then objects in order to see the required data. Data presents as current value and alarm status, and the history of any point can be accessed. Any input – either digital or analog – can be monitored, such as CO2, RH, pressure, pH and so on.

The system’s drivers allow data acquisition from I/O modules, controller, paperless recorders and indicators, and so it is possible to incorporate normal functional and familiar devices, with local functionality, into the data acquisition system. Most of these devices can be remotely configured. In fact, output devices can be added to the local networks for control purposes. These networks may be Ethernet TCP or RS485 Modbus.

Since this software was developed in-house it is suitable for customised projects where the main criteria is not flexibility, but simplicity of use. For details see our website.