It has been common practice in Australia for all temperature sensors to be manufactured on demand. This has resulted in undue variation in product design, and added cost and delays in the supply and manufacture. If operators took the view that they may be able to use ‘industrial standard design’ sensors, then savings and convenience will result.

In practice, there are a group of de-facto standards in sensor design that cover most common measurement applications. Of course in heavy industry, or dangerous processes, it would be inadvisable to compromise in design applications. Standards include diameters such as 1.5mm, 3mm, 4.5mm and 6mm OD in 310 or 316SS. These follow standard mineral insulated stock sizes (which include 8mm and 10.8mm OD) and standard SS tube sizes for RTDs.

ECEFast has introduced an evolving range of standard industrial temperature probes which are carried in stock and can be delivered next day to any capital city location. Furthermore, details of design, price, stock status can be checked online. If a ‘variation’ is required, the drawing can be downloaded from the web and modified accordingly. This process eliminates errors in communication. As usage of new designs develop, they can become ‘standard’ and be added to this stock range.

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