PR electronics’ series of universal, front programmable modules for the process industry includes: PReasy 4114, 4116 and 4131.

The 4100 series is a range of universal signal conditioning modules. By way of the detachable front display unit 4501 the modules can be programmed quickly and easily to suit the specific application, without a PC.

The PReasy series can be configured for all types of standard industrial measuring signals such as RTD, TC, Ohm, mA and V.

Depending on the desired output function, the customer can choose between the 4114 with analogue output, the 4131 with two relays or the 4116 with analogue output and two relays. All the modules feature universal power supply of 24VDC-250VDC and 24VAC-230VAC.

Front programming

The 4100 series is easily configured by way of the elegantly designed, detachable display 4501. The user is guided through all the configuration steps by simple and explanatory help texts scrolling on the display. When mounted in the process the display front can be used for signal visualisation, but the modules can also function without the display fitted. Through the programming front the user gains access to a host of interesting functions, e.g. sophisticated relay settings, process calibration, display settings, TAG numbers, sensor error action, diagnostics and much more.

Safe signal conditioning

The transmitter range has been designed in accordance with PR electronics’ strict demands for safety at all levels. The module features 2.3kVAC isolation on all ports and complies with NAMUR NE43 (sensor error), NE21 (EMC), the low voltage directive (LVD) and UL 508.

4116 has been designed for application in SIL 2 circuits.
The relays can be set up as single trip amplifiers, window function, sensor error detection and power failure. In units featuring analogue output, sensor error action on the output can be chosen freely.

Accuracy is very high, both in input and output conversions and CJC. This series is designed for the professional instrument user who demands the functions needed in large systems and the performance to match.