• Location: NSW, Australia
  • Client: Rivalea Australia
  • Head Contractor: Evo Energy Technologies
  • Installation: custom-built 2G Avus 500 plus CHP

Key Outcomes:

  • Generates 25% of sites power per year
  • Offsets over 28,000t per annum of CO2 equivalent emissions

Rivalea Australia is one of Australia’s leading pork producers based in NSW. In 2017, Rivalea fulfilled a long-term goal to harness the power of the naturally occurring methane generated in its waste water treatment ponds. The successful implementation of a custom-built 500kW combined heat and power unit in partnership with Evo Energy Technologies and 2G Energietechnik achieves significant cost savings, reduces environmental impact and takes load from the grid which is then available to other users.

Rivalea has been a pork industry leader in developing and promoting covered anaerobic lagoons as an important emission reduction tool. Rivalea first installed a covered anaerobic lagoon in 2010 at a 9,500 head piggery in NSW as a research project in partnership with Australian Pork.

In April 2017, Rivalea completed Stage 2 of the project by installing the custom-built 2G Avus500plus biogas cogeneration system in a 12m container.

This innovative system uses 2G German engineered cutting edge technology to treat and remove contaminants before combusting the high-quality biogas to convert it to useful energy services of electricity and heat. All the electricity is consumed within the farm’s on-site high voltage network.

Inclusion of the heat recovery equipment in the Avus500plus allows extension projects to heat the lagoon and piggery sheds in the cold winter months.


This sophisticated system generates around 25% of the site’s power per year, resulting in considerable energy reduction for Rivalea and offsets over 28,000t per annum of CO2 equivalent emissions from the grid.