Evo Energy Technologies has recently supplied one of Australia’s largest providers of red meat and supply chain solutions with a renewable energy plant that will produce a yearly amount of 2,500MWh of renewable energy using combined heat and power.

Australian red meat producer, Teys Australia, has made the initiative to support sustainable beef and to reduce environmental impacts, including the consumption of energy, water and greenhouse gas emissions.

As part of this project, Evo Energy Technologies has supplied the Naracoorte processing facility in South Australia with gas treatment equipment and a cogeneration plant. The solution included a 550kW containerised engine with gas dehumidification and carbon filtration.

The wastewater from the plant will be contained in a covered anaerobic lagoon (CAL). The CAL will convert this wastewater into methane-rich biogas and the biogas will then fuel cogeneration equipment for the Naracoorte plant.

Teys Australia can expect 2,500MWh of renewable energy yearly, equivalent to the energy usage of 500 average Australian homes.

The new infrastructure will result in a clean, renewable energy source that will produce electricity and heat for the Naracoorte beef processing facility.

There are several benefits for Teys Australia and the Naracoote community, including reduced energy costs and carbon emissions, reduced dependence on the electricity grid and peak demand usage, increased site security and reduced waste and operating costs.

Teys Australia group manager for resource efficiency Carl Duncan said: “The project’s an important contribution towards our 20% carbon intensity target, quest to be 30% renewable by 2023 and a more sustainable beef industry.”

Evo Energy Technologies has been providing the food manufacturing industry with energy-efficient solutions since 2006 and has installed numerous projects across Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, Thailand, Fiji, Malaysia, Vietnam and India.

Evo Energy’s mission is to reduce its customers’ energy consumption and reduce environmental impact by supplying superior technology for improved energy efficiencies.  Its offering includes the most advanced equipment in the fields of cogeneration, heat pump and heat recovery technology.

Evo Energy Technologies is the Australian distributor of 2G Cogeneration engines. The company is amongst the world’s leading manufacturers of cogeneration systems for decentralised energy production and produces the best of cutting-edge German engineering and innovations.

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