At Evo Energy Technologies, we are dedicated to saving our customers’ energy. Our mission is to reduce energy costs by providing superior technology for improved energy efficiency and to be the first-choice partner in the reduction of energy use to our clients.

We offer the Australian market the best possible solutions in the fields of cogeneration, heat pump and heat recovery technologies.

Evo Energy Technologies and our sister company Evo Industries Australia have a wealth of experience in delivering successful projects for our clients, including the Splash Environmental Award for the Fremantle Aquatic Centre redevelopment.

We offer a full range of services, from supply only to full turnkey installations with on-going maintenance and support available from factory trained staff.

Our technology offering includes:

  •  2G cogeneration systems – natural and biogas
  • Biogas components including biogas blowers, biogas flares, biological gas cleaning and gas storage solutions
  • EvoHeat heat pump systems – high efficiency air to water and water to water
  • Heat recovery technologies
  • Specialised heating and cooling applications

We are the Australian distributor for German engineered, 2G Cogeneration Systems, who are a world leading cogeneration (CHP) manufacturer, having installed over 5,500 plants in 43 countries.

A 2G power plant is the ideal solution for any business wanting to reduce energy costs in the long-term and wishing to protect themselves against further increases in the price of electricity.

Conventional power generates around 35% of primary energy as usable electricity – the rest (around 65%) is released into the atmosphere as heat and CO2 emissions. Even more energy is lost as electricity travels through the grid to reach its destination.

Historically, it’s a massive global problem for businesses and governments to manage this important commodity in the most environmentally and economically beneficial way.

The answer is 2G Combined Heat and Power (CHP). Combined heat and power uses a fuel source, usually natural or biogas, and integrates the production of usable heat and electricity into one process.

Heat and electricity is generated on-site where the energy and heat is needed. The combination of both thermal and electrical energy generation means that up to 90% of primary energy is used, resulting in enormous cost savings and a massive reduction in carbon emissions.

Main advantages of Cogeneration:

  • Enormous energy savings
  • Substantial reduction in carbon emissions
  • Fast return on investment
  • Independence from raising energy prices
  • Full cost control
  • Highest reliability and efficiency
  • Stable operation in case of power outages within the utility grid
  • Highest environmental standards
  • Sustainable energy investment
  • Compliance with governmental carbon emission regulations

2G manufacture cogeneration systems from 20kW to 4000kW. As a pioneer, innovator and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of distributed power generation systems using cogeneration, 2G has commissioned thousands of technologically advanced, highly efficient CHP plants since 1995.

For more information about our solutions or to find out how Evo Energy Technologies can help your business, please contact us by filling out the enquiry form.