Australian Food Ingredient Suppliers (AFIS) designs,  produces and supplies high-quality flavours, colours and ingredient blends for the food industry.
The company specialises in sweet flavours for products such as drinks, yoghurts, ice creams, bread and cakes, as well as confectionery and dairy food. Halal-certified ingredients are also available.
AFIS delivers food blends quickly in batch sizes ranging from 20kg to 1,000kg.

Flavours, colours and food ingredient blends

AFIS’s portfolio includes a large range of sweet-tasting liquid and powdered flavourings, food dyes and colour blends, in addition to colour-flavour mixtures for the baking industry.
These are used to improve foods’ aesthetics and taste to meet market demand.
As well as flavours, the company offers essential oils such as Australian citrus oil, food acids, emulsifiers and vegetable gums. Its food ingredients include burnt sugar and caramel.
Customised food ingredient blends are available to meet specific client requirements.

Sweet-tasting flavourings for food products

AFIS uses its technology expertise to develop cost-effective, sweet-tasting flavourings for new product types and lines.
The company consistently reviews and upgrades its systems to optimise ordering, manufacturing and distribution processes
AFIS maintains product quality and value by its SQF qualifications. Its manufacturing process is carried out under hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP), ensuring the safety and quality of its products.

Quality management for food production and preparation

AFIS’s quality system is designed to ensure products are manufactured to meet Hazard and Critical Control Point (HACCP) requirements. HACCP is a preventative approach that implements processes called critical control points (CCP) to address the physical, chemical and biological hazards around food production and preparation.  AFIS aims to eliminate the risk of these hazards.
The company manages and improves its business operations through a constant review and evaluation of its processes. Staff understand the requirements of the Australian food quality system, and the firm is regularly audited by independent auditing bodies and the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS).
AFIS prioritises occupational health and safety (OH&S) for employees, contractors and visitors.

AFIS service and support

AFIS’s reputation is built on quick response times, high-quality products and reliable services.
The company is able to provide flexible packaging arrangements, while its food laboratory team comprises experts in legislation issues.
AFIS works closely with its partners and clients to offer customised research and technical support.

About AFIS

AFIS is an independent family owned Australian company that was established in 1983.
The company makes long-term partnerships with its customers based on high-value and trust. It values innovation,  particularly for promoting its customers’ commercial ambitions and market position.
AFIS’s product development and diversified portfolio help it meet challenging customer and consumer needs.