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Potato Starch and Derivatives

Emsland Group is Germany’s largest producer of potato starch, and a global leader in the manufacture of refined starch products, fibres as well as potato flakes and granules.

‘Using nature to create’ is the guiding principle of the Emsland Group. The company processes raw materials into innovative products that are in tune with nature.

Emsland offers a unique and creative product range, industry expertise and local service. Its product portfolio consists of:

  • Potato starch and derivatives
  • Potato fibres
  • Potato flakes
  • Potato granules
  • During intercampaign pea starch and derivatives
  • Pea fibres and proteins
  • Derivatives based on (waxy) corn, tapioca, wheat
  • Other food ingredients, hydrocolloids and additives

Our natural and neutral-tasting ingredients are ideal for a wide range of applications, and can be used to optimize texture, appearance and firmness, according to your requirements. In many cases our products are not just food ingredients, but are used as thickeners, binding agents, emulsifiers and stabilizing additives to create innovative food solutions.

Starch derivatives, proteins and fibres

Starch derivatives, fibres, potato flakes and potato granules are used in a huge variety of applications, including confectionery, fruit gums and liquorice articles, potato products, dairy, conserves, deep frozen goods, bakery goods, snacks, chips, desserts, soups, sauces, preserves, marmalade and jams, fruit fillings, drinks, ketchup, mayonnaise, retail and catering products.

Emsland Group’s starches from potato and pea origin are successfully used in many sectors of the food industry, and its proteins and fibres are also indispensable in the manufacture all types of food.

The most important food segments that Emsland Group creates innovative ingredients for are listed below.

Thickeners for soups, sauces and gravies

Our products act as thickeners that provide additional ‘body’ and creaminess to soups, sauces and gravies. They also have a high emulsifying functionality, a very high nutritional quality and excellent digestibility. They provide synergistic effects by binding water, and improve freeze-thaw stability by a low gelatinisation temperature and high clarity.

Starches for food coatings

Our starch products are often used in food coatings, as they feature low batter pick-up and offer outstanding crispiness after finish-frying or oven heating. They also provide sustainable texture during extended heat hold stability. Additionally, the starches can prolong shelf-life by discouraging moisture migration from the products into the air. They also reduce the number of calories in the product.

Starches, fibres, flakes and granules for meat, poultry and seafood

Our potato and pea based products are used in meat, poultry and seafood to bind moisture, provide heat and shear stability, extend shelf life, and improve freeze / thaw stability and texture. Furthermore, they have high emulsifying functionality, very high nutritional value and excellent digestibility. Potato starch is the ‘standard’ because of its low gelatinisation temperature, fast swelling, excellent viscosity, high water binding capacity and its bland flavour.

Starches, flakes and granules for potato products

For potato products like mashed potatoes, French fries, croquettes, rösti, dumplings and gnocchi we offer a wide range of different starches, flakes and granules, mainly based on potato. In addition, Mecklenburger Kartoffelveredlung, an Emsland Group company, specializes in dehydrated potato products for retail and foodservice. The company is a market leader for private label in Germany and supplies to reputed customers in the European retail market.

Starch, flakes and granules for snack foods

Emsland Group offers a wide range of flakes and granules and starch-based products for the snack industry. These natural ingredients based on potatoes increase crunchiness and firmness and yield excellent expansion, resulting in lighter and softer textures and creating the typical potato taste. The addition of pea starches results in snacks with harder textures and less homogeneous structures.

Starch for confectionery

In terms of confectionery our starch products can be compared to gelatine, pectin and agar-agar. They meet the gelling properties required by moulded (e.g. gums and jellies), pulled (e.g. fruit chews) and aerated confectionery (e.g. marshmallows). Besides this, they obtain quick formation of firm, cuttable gels and improve the elasticity of end products.

Starches, fibres, flakes and granules for bakery products

For bakery products our starches, fibres, flakes and granules provide excellent water-binding qualities, creamy textures, good clarity and baking stability, a shiny appearance, excellent freeze-thaw stability, good dispersability, an optimal shelf life and a bland taste. Furthermore, they improve crispiness, porosity, mouthfeel and convenience. They are allergen-free and GM-free and fulfil all food safety requirements.

Starches for pasta and noodles

Our starches are used as binding agents and thickeners in pasta and noodles to optimise texture and stabilisation properties as well as shelf life and water binding. These starches improve firmness, enhance elasticity and result in fast rehydration and softer mouth feel.

Starch for dairy products

In dairy products and desserts our starch products act as binding and texturing agents to optimise viscosity, heat and shear stability, create a smooth short texture and extend shelf life. They can be used as a fat / protein replacer.

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  • Potato Starch for Meat Products

    Potato starch is the 'standard' because of its low gelatinization temperature, fast swelling, excellent viscosity, high water binding capacity and its bland flavour and taste.

  • Starches for Batters and Coatings

    Starches are used in a variety of batters and coatings. They help with adhesion, film forming, regulate pickup and manipulate texture.

  • Starches and Fibres for Bakery Products

    Native potato starch improves crispiness and porosity in baked products and functions in liquid or gelled products like fillings, toppings and glazes as thickener and texturiser with bland taste.

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