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Standardised Botanical Extracts and Natural Active Ingredients

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EUROMED is a vertically integrated, leading producer of premium standardised botanical extracts and natural active ingredients for the global food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries.
EUROMED identifies, cultivates and harvests the finest botanical raw material for further food processing applications. Our supply chain is transparent and traceable from seed to final extract.

Saw palmetto berry extract with high fatty acid content

In 2005, EUROMED built a US facility near Lake Okeechobee in Florida to process and dry saw palmetto berries close to where they are collected.
EUROMED maintains the fatty acid content of the berries through proper handling and drying processes and ensures complete traceability of the raw material. These are very important factors for continually producing a superior saw palmetto extract.

Fruit extraction with ultra-pure water extraction technology

EUROMED’s most recently added production plant in Murcia, southern Spain, further expands the company’s capabilities with eco-friendly innovations. This includes the Pure-Hydro Process™, a proprietary ultra-pure water extraction technology.
The region of Murcia, an agricultural paradise for fruit and vegetable cultivation, is also named ‘the crop garden of Europe’ due to the high standard of its agricultural products and certifications. These guarantee crop origin, safety and environmentally friendly growing technologies.
EUROMED’s latest Mediterranean fruit extracts from pomegranates, olives, figs and artichokes are harvested and processed here, reducing transportation and the company’s carbon footprint.

Sustainable plantations for environmentally-friendly botanical extracts

Commitment to the environment is one of the key values integral to EUROMED’s company’s culture. We pursue this by reducing the collection of wild plants and establishing sustainable plantations whenever possible, according to Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) and the highest international regulatory standards.
Our plantations also adhere to local legislations and regulations such as those established by the European Commission and by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Standardised plant ingredients with industry certifications

Compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), International Pharmacopoeias and applying advanced technologies ensures that key phytochemical compounds and other beneficial plant ingredients are standardised into premium botanical extracts, also available with organic and non-GMO certifications.
Our Barcelona, Spain, manufacturing plant, where more than 5,000t of biomass are extracted annually, is the recipient of seven industrial certifications, including ISO 14001 for environmental sustainability.

High-quality, evidence-based and sustainable botanical extracts

Quality, tradition, innovation, expertise and care for the environment are EUROMED’s foundations. In 2018, the company inaugurated its research & innovation centre in Barcelona, with the objective to enhance its established leading position in producing superior botanical extracts, with state-of-the-art technologies and environmentally respectful practices.
Commitment to providing evidence-based health benefits is reflected in multiple scientific studies, completed, ongoing and planned, in collaboration with prestigious organisations.
Our traditional flagship products such as saw palmetto and milk thistle have been researched in dozens of clinical studies. The most recent Mediterranean fruit extracts are supported by a growing body of scientific evidence and academic publications.
Decades of phytopharmaceutical experience warrant that our global customers are provided with verified consistencies high-quality, evidence-based and sustainable botanical extracts from every production batch. Traceability, identity, purity, potency and safety are guaranteed by our own first-class seal Phytoproof® and verified by several official international certifications and audits.
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    Founded in 1971 by the German phytopharmaceutical company MADAUS, Euromed is a leading producer of premium standardised botanical extracts that can be used as ingredients in the food processing industry.

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