Faravelli is among the winners of the fourth edition of the ‘Best Managed Companies’ Award, an initiative promoted by Deloitte Private to support and reward Italian business excellence. Six criteria were evaluated: strategy, skills and innovation, commitment and corporate culture, governance and performance, internationalisation and sustainability.

Luca Benati, CEO of Faravelli: “It is a great satisfaction for us to receive this award together with so many excellent names on the Italian business scene. The BCMs are the recognition of the intense work carried out at all levels in the company to continue to grow, even and despite the adversity of recent times, and remain solid not only from a purely numerical point of view but also from a human one. We are therefore pleased that this continuous and at times difficult commitment to improvement, digitalisation, inclusivity and sustainability has been recognised and appreciated by the Jury. Thank you all.”

“Congratulations to Faravelli for this important recognition,” said Ernesto Lanzillo, Deloitte partner and Deloitte private leader, and Andrea Restelli, Deloitte partner and BMC manager. “Also this edition, like the 2020 one, took place in a pandemic context, with relevant and heterogeneous consequences on the activity of all Italian companies. The real differentiating element was the fact that the award-winning companies demonstrated a strong ability to adapt to the context and react to both the pandemic and the economic crisis. In a single word, resilience. This is an indispensable quality for aiming for long-term growth, treasuring their founding values and adapting strategies and operating models to the new context.”