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Supercritical Botanical CO2 Extracts

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FLAVEX Naturextrakte GmbH is focussed on a comprehensive range of botanical supercritical extracts for creating natural and premium quality flavours in all fields of food production as well as for adding value to products regarding well-being and health benefits. The gentle CO2 process preserves the full spectrum of desirable properties, providing a more natural flavour and a superior activity.


FLAVEX extracts are distributed to the food, flavour, nutraceuticals and cosmetic industries worldwide, especially in Europe and North America. Products include herb and spice extracts, natural rosemary and sage antioxidants, specialty omega-3 (kiwi-seed), omega-6 (evening primrose) and omega-7 (seabuckthorn) fatty oils, anti-microbial extracts of hop, St. John’s wort, usnea lichen and various extracts providing other health benefits, i.e. ginger, garlic or valerian.


CO2 extracts are virtually free of solvent residues and of process related impurities. They are simply composed by the herbs ingredients and therefore highly concentrated. CO2 extracts are free of microbial contaminations and they need more preservation. All this gives industrial clients more safety for their product formulation, eases legal requirements and simplifies declaration. CO2 extraction complies with certified organic production guidelines and easily meets kosher criteria. Supercritical extracts mark the quality standard in more and more applications and meet the challenge of future market trends.

All FLAVEX products are developed, produced and certified at the company’s German site, based on a traceable documentation of all relevant process steps. This provides the safety and guarantee for purity and authenticity. All supercritical extracts are characterised by state of the art analytical procedures including detailed batch-to-batch analytical certificates.


Ginger has two groups of valuable constituents, the essential oil traditionally obtained by steam distillation making up the typical flavour and fragrance and the gingerols traditionally obtained by solvent extraction making up the pungency as well as the anti-emetic and cox-2 inhibiting health benefits.

Supercritical total extracts of ginger are composed at the same time by a high content of 40% essential oil and a high content of 30% gingerols and thus can easily replace a conventional mixture of ginger oleoresin and ginger distillate. Under different conditions the pure essential oil can be separated as well in form of a selective extract.


The antioxidative Diterpene Phenols (DTPs) of rosemary can be CO2 extracted in a concentrated and genuine composition with carnosolic acid as the main constituent, which is partly decomposed to carnosol in other extraction procedures. The rosemary antioxidants are highly effective as functional ingredients for retarding oxidation of lipids and essential oils and they stabilise the colour of carotenoids. The phenolic diterpenes are also useful as bioactive components in food supplements fighting against free radical formation and preventing related deceases. Rosemary antioxidants are generally accepted as safe and declared as natural flavour or herb extracts, thus allowing clean product labels.


CO2 vanilla extracts contain 12%, 26% or even 95% of natural ex-vanilla vanillin. They are much more concentrated than usual hydroalcoholic extracts, i.e. the traditional 10-fold extract with typically 1.8% vanillin content. They give superior results in food flavour compositions, are preferred for flavouring dairy products, soy or rice milk and they are especially recommended for baby-food.

CO2 extracts have their own character and unique spectrum of ingredients. They offer new possibilities in creative product development especially where quality and added value are important. CO2 extracts make your products simply better.

White Papers

  • Natural Antioxidants from Rosemary and Sage

    There are two main categories of antioxidants: Primary antioxidants interrupt the oxidative free radical chain reaction by contributing an electron or hydrogen from the phenolic hydroxyl groups and therefore stabilize free radicals, which do not further initiate or propagate further oxidation of lipids.

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