In 2021, Flavourtech has acknowledged its 30-year partnership with long-term customer, Australian Vintage Limited (AVL). Through its unique processing technologies, Flavourtech assists AVL with both its dealcoholisation and evaporation requirements. The resulting products include low and zero alcohol wines that possess all the varietal aroma of full-strength wine. Flavourtech is proud to be associated with AVL and look forward to continuing to support their business well into the future.

As the 4th largest grape processor in Australia, AVL prides itself on crafting outstanding and innovative wines for wine lovers the world over. This is reflected in its commitment to quality grape and wine production as well as possessing some of the most technologically advanced wine making facilities in the world. Flavourtech is proud to contribute to these facilities through the supply and support of two core technologies, the Spinning Cone Column (SCC) and Centritherm® evaporator. Headquartered in Australia, Flavourtech is a world leader in the development, design and manufacture of thin film, spinning cone technologies that result in streamlined production processes and higher quality products.

AVL’s Chief Winemaker, Jamie Saint, recently spoke about its use of the SCC for dealcoholisation of wine and how it assists in the production of full-flavoured low alcohol products. He praised the knowledge and support offered by Flavourtech’s engineers who assist with product development, maintenance and breakdown support. AVL also appreciate the real-time remote technical support offered by Flavourtech as it quickly pinpoints exactly where issues are occurring without technicians having to travel to site. Jamie’s full interview is available to view on Flavourtech’s company profile.

Flavourtech was a pioneer in wine dealcoholisation technology almost 40 years ago and continues to help wineries worldwide in producing market-leading low alcohol wines. If your business is interested in establishing itself in the growing low alcohol wine market, contact Flavourtech using the enquiry form on this page.