For over 60 years, FreshFood Services have been transforming premium coffee beans into exquisite coffee, producing many of Australia’s leading brands, including The House of Robert Timms, Bushells Coffee, Picco, Café-Bar and Europa. Flavourtech is a world leader in the development, design and manufacture of thin film, spinning cone technologies that result in streamlined production processes and higher quality products for the global food and beverage industries.

FreshFood’s CEO John Elliott recently spoke about their use of the SCC for aroma recovery and how it assists in differentiating FreshFood’s brands and producing premium instant coffee products. FreshFood’s SCC was the first system Flavourtech installed in the coffee industry and is still competently supported by Flavourtech’s technical and service teams 30 years later. Flavourtech would like to thank FreshFoods for their foresight all those years ago and for placing their trust in the SCC and Flavourtech who, at the time, were both unknown in the global coffee industry. Mr Elliott’s full interview is available to view on Flavourtech’s company profile.

Flavourtech has now become a household name in the instant coffee industry with the Rotating Disc Column (RDC) and Integrated Extraction System (IES) also added to their technology portfolio over the last ten years. If your business is looking for growth in the instant coffee market, contact Flavourtech at for advice gained from over 30 years of experience in coffee processing.