Flavourtech is proud to share the success of their New Zealand customer, Giesen Group, and their range of zero alcohol wines.

After launching the Giesen 0% range early in 2020, Giesen has further committed to the non-alcoholic wine category by investing in Flavourtech’s Spinning Cone Column (SCC) technology. This investment is enabling Giesen to further refine its non-alcoholic wine range, improving the quality of its existing 0% Sauvignon Blanc, as well as releasing new Pinot Gris and Rosé blends.

Giesen Group chief winemaker, Duncan Shouler, told The Shout: “To ensure we create the best 0% wines in the market, we go through the entire winemaking process just as we would for a full-strength wine, from growing grapes for a year in the vineyard, to picking and processing the wine in the winery.  So to say that it is ‘not really wine’ is untrue in every sense.”

“To make 0% we include the additional process of putting our full-strength wine through spinning cone distillation to gently remove the alcohol component. Making 0% alcohol is actually more expensive to produce compared to its full-strength counterpart and it is our absolute goal to produce 0% wines that actually taste like wine and not like grape juice, and with as low calories as possible.”

Watch https://youtu.be/YhMdAzepgmw for a complete overview with Mr Shouler around how Giesen’s 0% alcohol products are created using the SCC.

Giesen’s investment in the SCC is in response to the growing demand for zero alcohol wines, with the younger generation more likely to purchase these products for health-related reasons.