IDI SAS is a French dairy company which specialises in manufacturing and developing functional and nutritional value added dairy ingredients for the worldwide food industry.

Ingredients include:

  • Cheese
  • Cultured and fresh dairy products
  • Ice cream
  • Frozen desserts
  • Chocolate / confectionery
  • Bakery and convenience food

A wide range of ingredients including milk protein concentrates and isolates

IDI has established a strong commercial network throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, North and Central America. This global sales, distribution and marketing network has been strengthened with the creation of:

  • The subsidiaries IDI, Inc. in the United States and IDI Pte in Singapore
  • Rep offices in Dubai and Shanghai

IDI offers a wide range of dairy powders, proteins – including milk protein concentrates and isolates (MPCs and MPIs) whey protein concentrates (WPC) – and functional systems based on milk proteins, for a wide range of applications.

PROMILK® 600A – a functional protein for mozzarella

PROMILK® ingredients for cheese are premium quality proteins which increase the yield and productivity of cheese manufacturing. They also improve the weight and shape regularity of cheese while preserving a milky taste. For pizza cheese applications, IDI developed an all-in-one solution suited to your needs: SUP’R MIX P2 develops a similar texture mozzarella, a chewy texture and an excellent shreddability whereas SUP’R MIX P3 develops high shredding properties and a soft texture.

PROMILK® 600 A is a functional protein dedicated to cheese applications and especially mozzarella. It can be incorporated at cold temperature and allows the reduction of cheese total solids while maintaining the same functional properties as mozzarella’s (gratability, spreadability, etc.).

PROMILK® ingredients for fresh dairy are highly functional dairy ingredients which optimise texture and enhance the creaminess of the product. They improve the stability of sensitive products while reducing recipe costs.

PROCREAM® LH / HP – a solution for fat replacement in frozen deserts

PROCREAM® ingredients for frozen deserts are custom-tailored solutions which provide partial or total replacement of fat milk solids in the recipe. They both enhance texture and creaminess while reducing recipe costs.

In response to increased consumer awareness about healthier eating habits, IDI has developed several new ingredient offerings for healthier ice-creams and frozen desserts. These “functional blends” are targeted towards manufacturers’ need to produce light products and balanced nutritional profiles for their consumers.

PROCREAM® LF/HP is a unique solution made of milk proteins which enables you to reduce the fat and sugar content of your frozen desserts while enriching their protein content.

PROCHOC® ingredients for chocolate and confectionery are dairy-based preparations which bring the functional and organoleptical features of milk to milk chocolate. They are designed to meet specific requirements such as flow properties control, taste and costs optimisation.

PROCAKE® 800ER – egg replacer for bakery products

PROCAKE® ingredients for bakery are dairy-based preparations which enable an optimisation of the texture and aroma during the process. They reinforce the sensory properties and reduce recipe costs while keeping the taste authenticity. One of IDI’s brand new product for bakery is PROCAKE® 800ER for egg replacement in cakes. This innovative solution enables the reduction of costs, logistical and bacteriological drawbacks.

PROCHEF® ingredients for savoury food are functional systems used as emulsifying and texturing agents in the sauce and meat products industry. They improve the texture and smoothness of the product whilst preserving the flavour and reducing recipe costs.

IDI offers technical support and the guarantee of an effective, constructive partnership with regard to innovation, quality, and confidentiality in compliance with the HACCP and ISO norms. IDI R&D teams are experts in helping you master your applications and equipment improvement needs and are capable of working with you to perfect your new product development.