Leiber, located in the northwest of Germany, was founded 1954 by Mr Franz Leiber and has been a family-owned business ever since. Trading of brewer’s yeast and grains was the basic business idea 60 years ago. Since then Leiber has developed into a highly sophisticated specialist of yeast products, supplying to the food, feed and pharmaceutical industries.

Leiber operates production plants in Germany, Poland and Russia and services customers with agents in 30 countries around the world. At Leiber we have 140 employees; each of them is an expert in his or her area of work. We have a well-established team in a company that has been following a clear strategy for more than 50 years: working based on values.

What makes us different? We focus on what we do best: yeast. We produce yeast products at the highest level of quality by using the most up-to-date technology. This is Leiber’s strategic approach.

GMO-free yeast extracts

We are especially proud of our extensive range of yeast extracts. We offer a wide range of savoury products for all kinds of applications providing characteristic flavours or natural, taste-enhancing effects.

Our yeast extracts are the natural alternative to glutamate and HVPs. Since our yeast extracts are kosher, halal and free of GMOs, the use of Leiber yeast extracts is practically unlimited.

Yeast beta-glucans

The health effects of brewer’s yeast have been known for centuries. Dried brewer’s yeast is a source of valuable B vitamins and folate as well as a number of organically bound minerals with excellent bioavailability.

With the yeast beta-glucan ‘Yestimun’, isolated from brewer’s yeast cell walls, we offer a unique product, which has a stimulating effect on the immune system supporting your wellness and health.

Yeast peptones for fermentation

Our daily business is biotechnology: working with microorganisms. But we also serve the biotechnological industry. With our Leiber-Fermentation range we offer nutrients, especially nitrogen sources, for the propagation of yeasts, lactobacilli and other microorganisms. Our yeast peptones for fermentations are also available with different concentrations of bacteriostatic, natural hop oils – more than just a peptone.

Sustainable yeast extract production

These days everybody is talking about sustainability and how to integrate it into the running business. We at Leiber established a sustainability business concept more than 50 years ago. Today we are proud to say that we managed to establish a watertight process chain of sustainability. Our raw material base – the brewer’s yeast – uses only the finest and purest raw materials with regional origin: summer barley malt, hops and the finest well water according to the German purity law for beer of 1516.

Beyond that we are eager to produce as environmentally safely as possible. We invested in a biogas electrical power plant. With this plant we manage to exploit the last piece of valuable components of our waste water stream, turning it into electrical energy and heat for our production processes. Additionally, by using this technology we are significantly reducing wastewater contamination. It is a concept that has been awarded with the Energy Efficiency Award from the German Energy Agency DENA.