Lesaffre Human Care is a business unit founded in 2007 by the Lesaffre group, a leader in baker’s yeast and yeast extracts. Thanks to 160 years of know-how in yeast biotechnology, Lesaffre Human Care develops and promotes innovative yeast ingredients focusing on human health and nutrition.

Active or inactive dried yeasts, fortified yeasts and yeast derivatives, such as yeast extracts or yeast cell walls, offer a great opportunity for human health and nutrition. Lesaffre Human Care supplies a wide range of yeasts in the areas of gut health, immunity, antioxidation, well-being, beauty, vegetarianism and more.

Lesaffre Human Care markets its yeast ingredients worldwide through its own sales team and distributors. Whether you are a pharmaceutical and food supplement laboratory or a manufacturer of functional foods, you can use Lesaffre Human Care yeast ingredients with nutritional and/or health benefits to formulate and promote your product ranges.

Nutritional yeasts with a high protein level

Nutritional yeast is an excellent protein source and it contains all the essential amino acids. Nutritional yeast is therefore very popular with vegetarians and vegans.

Lesaffre Human Care nutritional yeast provides not only high-quality proteins (checked by Chemical Index and PDCAAS) but also fibres, vitamins and minerals.

In Europe and under certain conditions of application, it is possible to use nutritional and health claims related to proteins.

Selenium-enriched yeast

Lesaffre Human Care offers a selenium-enriched yeast in which the selenium is organically-bound. Selenomethionine, which accounts for 60%-85% of the total selenium, allows selenium storage and its progressive release in the body.

According to the EFSA, selenium-enriched yeast is two times more bioavailable than inorganic selenium. Furthermore, selenium-enriched yeast conveys a natural image and many health claims are available in Europe (immunity, antioxidation, male fertility, beauty, etc.).

Yeasts fortified with B vitamins

Lesaffre Human Care nutritional yeast is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, providing not only proteins, but also all the B vitamins, especially vitamin B12. Lesaffre Human Care also offers a yeast fortified with B vitamins so that it becomes easy to reach 100% of the European RDA in B vitamins with only 225mg of the product.

Custom formulations are possible according to your needs. Contact us if you would like additional information.

Probiotic yeasts

Probiotic yeasts offer plenty of benefits in the area of gut health and intestinal comfort. Lesaffre Human Care proposes two probiotic yeasts. Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. boulardii, a well-documented probiotic yeast that interacts with the intestinal flora to avoid or treat diarrhoea. Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3856 (Lynside® Pro GI+) is a new, patented probiotic yeast, clinically tested on IBS. This probiotic yeast relieves intestinal pain and discomfort.

A larger range of yeast ingredients

This presentation of Lesaffre Human Care range is not exhaustive. Indeed, Lesaffre Human Care offers many other yeast ingredients, such as yeast extract rich in glutathione, yeast extract rich in peptides, yeasts fortified with minerals (chromium, zinc, copper, molybdenum), yeast cell walls rich in beta-glucans, SAMe, Bacillus subtilis and more.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information on our products, or to request a sample or a quote.