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Microencapsulated Ingredients for Functional Foods and Supplements

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Nutritional deficiencies are a global health concern. Proper nutrition plays a pivotal role in achieving an active and healthy lifestyle. As consumers are taking a closer look at their health, many are reaching for supplements to bridge nutritional gaps. Two minerals in particular are under the spotlight in the nutraceutical world – magnesium and iron.

Over 300 enzymatic reactions within the body require magnesium, yet studies show that up to 50% of North Americans and Europeans are deficient. Magnesium facilitates hormone balance, enzyme activity and neurotransmitter function that regulates mood and supports stress relief, providing much sought-after cognitive benefits. The prospect of better mental health and improved cognition are further influencing consumers to reach for magnesium supplements.

Meanwhile, iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency worldwide.

A 2021 study showed 1.92 billion people globally, and up to 33% of Europeans suffered from low iron levels. Maintaining adequate iron levels is crucial for health – iron deficiency can lead to health problems such as anemia and a weakened immune system.

Consumer trends are changing

Consumers are taking nutrition into their own hands – in the form of supplements. 47% and 10% of supplement launches in 2023 contained magnesium and iron, respectively. The global market for nutraceuticals is expected to reach $75 billion by 2032, and that’s not the only way the market is changing.

Tablets and capsules are the classic format, but we’re seeing an increase in demand for powders and gummies. Consumers want easy-to-consume formats, with sensory appeal and science-backed ingredients. Currently, non-pill formats make up over 60% of the market, with gummies topping the charts.

The Nutraceuticals business of Lubrizol Life Science specializes in value-added branded active ingredients and excipients that help create innovative and consumer-centric nutraceutical solutions. Lubrizol’s nutraceuticals offering reflects the company’s scientific expertise and consumer-centric approach.

The able iron for able formulations

In line with the increased popularity of non-pill formats seen in the market, iron gummies are a popular choice for iron supplements. However, to be successful, formulators need to overcome poor bioavailability, metallic taste and other unpleasant side-effects such as stomach upset, constipation and nausea. Iron gummies are typically fortified with iron salts such as ferrous fumarate, but these salts are often the cause of the negative side-effects. There is a need for solutions that can enable in-demand gummies optimized for the consumer experience.

Fortunately, Lubrizol has a solution: LIPOFER™ iron microcapsule technology, which provides benefits for both nutraceutical manufacturers and consumers.

Formulators are supported at every stage of their product development, combining technological added-value ingredients with Lubrizol’s fantastic applications expertise.

Formulations can benefit from functional properties such as:

  • improved water dispersibility
  • enhanced bioavailability
  • reduced interactions with other components
  • improved stability

These technical advantages enable the development of stable products with lower overages. The result: an iron-enriched product with optimal performance.

With LIPOFER™ technology formulations consumers can enjoy:

  • Bioavailable iron, shown in a clinical trial to improve iron status in healthy individuals in as little as 4 weeks
  • Pleasant taste that helps consumers adhere to supplement programs
  • No digestive tract effects
  • Boosted immune system

Unleashing magnesium formulations for holistic health

Iron isn’t the only mineral that poses a challenge to formulators. Magnesium supplements often have a bitter taste and unpleasant texture. Bioavailability issues mean magnesium tablets are often uncomfortably large and many consumers struggle with swallowing them. Additionally, multiple tablets may need to be taken to achieve sufficient dosage quantities, which is inconvenient.

As formulators strive to meet consumer demands for magnesium, Lubrizol’s MAGSHAPE™ microcapsules provide a reliable and effective solution. “MAGSHAPE™ microcapsules have a competitive advantage,” says Gomez. “We can provide highly concentrated magnesium with better absorption in the body and better organoleptic stability.”

MAGSHAPE™ magnesium particles are micronized and microencapsulated to minimize metallic taste and increase bioavailability, making biological magnesium delivery more effective. Another distinguishing feature of MAGSHAPE™ microcapsules are their versatility. Enabled by favorable physical properties, MAGSHAPE™ microcapsule technologies adapt easily to different delivery formats including:

  • tablets for precise dosing
  • powders for direct ingestion or customization
  • chewable pills for a palatable experience.

This positions MAGSHAPE™ microcapsules as the perfect choice for formulators looking to provide superior, convenient, and consumer-centric products.

Other branded microencapsulated actives in our portfolio include LIPOCAL™ microcapsules (water and bioavailable calcium source) and ZINCNOVA™ microcapsules (stable and tasteless zinc). Our branded botanicals include LIPOPHYTOL™ microcapsules (water-dispersible plant sterols), CURCUSHINE™ microcapsules (bioavailable and dispersible curcumin with anti-aging benefits), and NEWCAFF™ microcapsules (microencapsulated caffeine to provide sustained release and mask its bitter taste).

On the non-active ingredients side, Lubrizol offers Carbopol® polymers, which are reliable, proven excipients for creating high-quality nutraceutical products. The new EU food-grade approval allows nutraceutical manufacturers to differentiate their portfolio and create unique new product claims. The multifunctional benefits of Carbopol polymers offer a convenient way to make tablets smaller and easier to digest. The unique properties of the polymers can also provide a stable, controlled release or suspension of active ingredients, ensuring consistent delivery of nutraceutical benefits.

By leveraging current consumer insights, in-depth market knowledge, and our leading active and non-active ingredients, we help supplement manufacturers create differentiated, premium nutraceutical solutions with leading performance claims.

White Papers

  • Consumer Test on Iron Supplements

    Most producers can only include 3-5 mg of iron per gummy when manufacturing iron-fortified gummies due to sensory and formulation challenges.

  • LIPOPHYTOL™ Efficacy in Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Treatment

    Results of this study show that even though raw phytosterols and their microencapsulated form (LIPOPHYTOL™) reduce the cholesterol in a similar extent, LIPOPHYTOL™ is more effective decreasing the hypertriglyceridemia and against atherogenesis under a high-fat diet, demonstrating microencapsulation technology might enhance the activity of phytosterols.

  • LIPOFER - Iron Solution for Infant Formula Fortification

    This white paper outlines a study that saw different polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) enriched infant formulas with added LIPOFER™ and other iron sources and mineral salts aged under controlled conditions and their oxidative deterioration was monitored.

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