cheese cubes

Meadow Cheese is a centre of excellence for heat-processed dairy manufacturing within the Irish Dairy Board (IDB), providing capabilities in processed cheese, in both chilled and individually quick frozen (IQF) formats. Meadow Cheese is the only IDB processing facility in Europe and is a leading supplier for the pizza, bakery, ready meal and dessert sectors, offering bespoke developed functional products to suit any customer requirement.

Dairy ingredients, pizza cheese and functional and processed cheeses

Meadow Cheese is dedicated to providing the food manufacturing sector with dairy ingredients, pizza cheese and other functional and processed cheeses. We also offer a comprehensive range of dessert products. Ingredient solutions can be bespoke developed with specific functional properties to suit any application or cooking method.

We deliver a wide portfolio of products that are specifically selected with functionality in mind and our aim is to add value to our customers through innovation and quality.

Processed cheese

Our processed cheese range includes low-melt technology cheese, chubbs, nacho cheese, cheese spreads and cheese pastes. We also manufacture custom analogue cheese to match particular cheese types, colour and flavours. Products can be developed to complement a particular production method or process, allowing for more efficient handling, less wastage and consistent results.

We also offer individually quick frozen (IQF) cheese, a free-flowing product with no risk of clumping.

Pizza cheese

We have designed cheese to give the optimum melt, stretch and browning to create the perfect pizza. The range also includes extruded cheese ropes, for use within stuffed crust pizza, which have controlled melt characteristics so that the cheese is contained within the dough during the cooking process. We offer various pizza cheese blends and we can create custom blends to suit requirements.


We produce a range of ready-to-use dairy-based savoury sauces with authentic flavour profiles and specific functional properties such as controlled viscosity and melt characteristics. These provide a number of benefits to a manufacturing environment such as being convenient to use; they can also be pumpable, depositable and spreadable. Applications include béchamel sauce for ready meals, cheese and white sauces, dipping sauces, pasta dishes, soups, fillings, cheese stocks and pastes.

Chilled desserts

We manufacture a wide range of chilled dessert products, including cheesecake batter mixes, soft cheese, mousses, custards, cream stabiliser, cream toppings and dessert sauces. We have also developed non-dairy-based dessert products to complement our range, including versatile flavoured jellies that offer high quality and consistency.

Products are bespoke developed with customers according to their end application, processing capabilities and price points.

Block cheese

As a subsidiary of the Irish Dairy Board (IDB), we are able to offer a comprehensive cheese range as well as dedicated graders who can select the best cheese for customers’ specific requirements or application. Our range of block cheese includes Cheddar, Low Fat and Reduced Fat Cheddar, Red Leicester, Monterey Jack, Regatto and Emmental.

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