MEGGLE was founded in 1887 as a small cheese dairy in Wasserburg, Bavaria, nearby Munich. MEGGLE stands for tradition, quality, innovation and sustainability and demonstrates that the commitment to tradition and continuous expansion can successfully be brought together. Today, MEGGLE is one of the leading manufacturers of local milk, cheese, cream and yoghurt products, butter and butter specialties on an international level, serving European, Asian and also the American markets.

In addition MEGGLE is one of the leading food ingredient producer, with an extensive portfolio based on milk derived ingredients and functional additives. MEGGLE’s whey processing facilities are fulfilling highest standards and guarantee excellent whey derivatives from pharmaceutical lactose to high functional whey protein concentrates.

Conscientiously MEGGLE has always taken care of social and environmental aspects. In our mechanized world MEGGLE bears a great responsibility towards customers and the environment. Thereby sustainability is a responsibility which is taken seriously. By becoming a member of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) MEGGLE underlines these commitments and actively shapes the future in a responsible way when promoting the use of sustainable palm oil.

With its expertise MEGGLE is able to provide maximum quality services to the worldwide customers.

For MEGGLE, innovative manufacturing technologies and state of the art production has always been a key to the development of premium quality products with maximum functionality.

Milk for dairy products

MEGGLE currently processes around 1 billion kilograms of milk annually. This milk is used by its production facilities and sourced from local farmers in the immediate surroundings to make a variety of products and to market these products in the respective countries.

Food systems

To meet customer needs, MEGGLE offers products in different categories:

For the dairy industry functional milk protein compounds and hydrocolloid combinations were developed, which are used to stabilise a wide range of dairy products. MEGGLE also offers solutions for producing recombined dairy products using simple technical means. These products are particularly suited for use in countries where milk is in short supply.

The savoury product segment includes fat powders for soups, sauces and other convenience products. MEGGLE produces functional compounds to stabilise meat products, mayonnaise and salad dressings.

The baking and confectionary industry is another key market. Based on fresh milk production MEGGLE is able to produce high functional and standardised bakery ingredients. MEGGLE produces various fat powders and foaming agents for the use in sweet pastries or desserts. In addition, an assortment of coffee creamers and cappuccino foamers for enhancing various coffee specialities is offered. Its spray-dried creamer powders are based on vegetable fat to meet the wide dietary and storage requirements of today’s markets.

Types of MEGGLE’s products have included following benefits:

  • Suitable for convenience foods
  • No E-numbers
  • Use of non-hydrogenated fats
  • Low trans-fat content
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Different types of fat to suit customer requirements
  • Soluble in cold and warm liquids

Food preparations

The experience in the food industry enables MEGGLE to create a portfolio of products that fulfill the needs of markets in which milk is in short supply. The products in this range can serve as the basis of a cost-effective and functional alternative to cheese. In its division Food Preparations, MEGGLE offers solutions as semi-finished or finished products for the B2B segment.

MEGGLE offers “ready to use” products, in other words, customer-oriented solutions and systems for a variety of applications. Functional compounds are created, too. Thanks to its latest technology and expertise MEGGLE is able to combine the wishes of customers and consumers to produce perfect results.