Morinaga Milk is a key global manufacturer of probiotic ingredients for infant formula, dietary supplements, and functional food products.
With more than 50 years of research, Morinaga Milk develops and supplies probiotics bifidobacteria strains of high compatibility with humans, a value-added concept supported by robust scientific evidence that helps brands appeal to their customers.
The company’s state-of-the-art technology offers an innovative probiotics solution: live, stable, and clinically effective Bifidobacterium strains that meet specific health needs, including gut health, immunity, infant health, wellbeing, weight management, mental health, and healthy ageing. Based on our knowhow as a producer of versatile dairy products, we support brands to formulate and develop innovative products.

Value-added probiotics concept: human strain for human use

Probiotics are not all the same. More importantly, not all probiotics bacteria possess the same kind of microbial fitness and competitiveness in the human gut. The strain-specificity and its residential origin determine how a probiotic bacterium interacts with a human host and contributes to different health effects.
Morinaga Milk develops specific probiotics bifidobacteria strains that naturally reside in the human gut, known as Human-Residential Bifidobacteria (HRB). HRB strains are unique probiotics genuinely suitable for human consumption. They have coevolved with the human host and retain superior physiological functions and distinguished metabolic profiles. Backed by robust scientific evidence, Morinaga Milk’s HRB probiotics add uniqueness and superiority to products.

Human-friendly probiotics that meet growing consumer demands

Morinaga Milk provides sustainable probiotic solutions that offer evidence-based, easy-to-communicate benefits, helping brand companies to differentiate their products. Morinaga Milk’s HRB consists of a premium range of clinically tested human-friendly probiotic strains, including Bifidobacterium longum BB536, B. breve M-16V, B. infantis M-63, and B. breve B-3.
The benefits of Morinaga Milk’s HRB are supported by comprehensive scientific data with demonstrated efficacy and safety profiles in numerous clinical studies. Morinaga Milk’s HRB probiotics address several consumers’ high-focused health areas, including the ever-growing immune health trend.

Stable, live probiotics bifidobacteria that work

Morinaga Milk’s HRB probiotics possess excellent stability profiles with a long shelf life, making them attractive probiotic ingredients for innovative product development. Probiotic stability is critical for developing probiotics-fortified functional foods and dietary supplements with different delivery formats.
Morinaga Milk ensures its probiotics’ quality and survival throughout the manufacturing process, enabling us to create reliable solutions that deliver our customers’ desired results.

Wide application of probiotics

Innovative applications help a probiotic product to stand out from the crowds. However, it is impossible to achieve with the low stability profiles of a probiotic ingredient. Overage and cost-effectiveness are other issues to be resolved.
Morinaga Milk’s HRB probiotics have an excellent survival rate during the complete shelf life of up to 36 months. They can be incorporated into a wide range of delivery formats, including bulk powder, room-stable chewable tablets, sachets, sticks, oil drops, yogurt, formula milk, ice cream, chocolate and cereals. With that said, cost efficiency can be achieved by adding lower overage.

Pioneering in bifidobacteria research

Morinaga Milk started research on Human-Residential Bifidobacteria (HRB) in the 1960s, inspired by the fact that bifidobacteria are the predominant bacteria residing in the intestines of breastfed infants. Ever since then, Morinaga Milk has been engaged in research on the safety, functional health benefits, and mechanisms of action of Human-Residential Bifidobacteria (HRB), to better understand their role in maintaining human health.
Morinaga Milk is some way ahead of the curve, especially when it comes to its expertise in HRB strains. Morinaga Milk has conducted considerable research to elucidate the physiological differences between bifidobacterial species that are naturally present in human gut (HRB) and those that are not (non-HRB).
With its innovative technology, Morinaga Milk has developed a premium line of HRB probiotic strains and other functional ingredients that are highly safe to consume, highly stable, clinically effective and are of high-quality. Each HRB strain possesses an array of benefits that meet your manufacturing needs and fulfil consumer demand. Morinaga Milk markets its Human-Residential Bifidobacteria (HRB) probiotic ingredients worldwide through its own sales team and trusted distributors.
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