Norevo supplies natural raw materials and speciality ingredients for applications in the food, confectionery and beverage industries.
Raw materials such as gum arabic, agar-agar, honey, agave syrup, liquorice extract and waxes are found through Norevo’s internationally active sourcing network. Products are developed in Norevo’s research lab, which specialises in quality assurance, analytics and trials.
Norevo also offers consulting, development support and individual solutions on an international scale with long-term experience in the confectionery sector.

Speciality ingredients for the production of sweets

Norevo sources speciality ingredients for the production of confectionery products ranging from sugar and chocolate-coated sweets, to gums, jellies, chewy toffees and compound-coated dragées.
Norevo’s ingredients provide an optimised stability and texture for pan-coated sugar products and chocolate dragées, creating a long-lasting glaze on hard or soft coatings.
The company’s polishing, anti-sticking and releasing agents are suitable for extruded gums and jellies, while gelatine-free texturisers offer an optimised consistency to toffees.
In addition, its natural adhesives are used for the production of spice-coated nuts and snacks.
Norevo also develops releasing agents to prevent materials from sticking to equipment surfaces, conveyor belts and product moulds.

Functional ingredients for confectionery manufacturing

Norevo’s Confectionery Performers range stabilises, glazes, whitens and seals a wide variety of pan-coated products.
These functional ingredients have a number of benefits, including creating a chewy texture in toffees without the use of animal gelatine and acting as anti-sticking agents for gums and jellies. They also prevent any kind of water or oil migration in confectionery products, as migration destroys the product surface.
Developed and prepared in-house, the Confectionery Performers are Kosher and Halal certified.
Norevo’s Confectionery Performers include:

  • Glazing agents Quick Shine, Quick Sol and Quick Gloss for pan-coated chocolate products
  • Glazing agent Quick Glanz for sugar-coated dragées
  • Anti-sticking agent Quick Oil for mogul or extruded gums and jellies
  • Sour coating Quick Acid for flavouring jellies
  • Pre-coating and gumming agent Quick Coat for the pre-treatment, standardisation and stabilisation of pan-coated products
  • Coating agent Quick Shell 37 for quickly forming stable coating shells
  • Whitening agent Quick White for hard sugar-coated products
  • Effect coatings Quick Sour for developing a sour taste, Quick Flash to create a salty taste and Quick Pearl for forming a pearlescent effect on the surface of pan-coated products
  • Sealing agent Quick Lac to protect sugar and chocolate-coated goods from environmental conditions such as humidity, dust and temperature
  • Texturisers Quick Chew and Quick Mix to achieve a customised chewy texture in toffees for uncooked chewy candies
  • Adhesive and polishing powder Quick Coll for increasing adhesiveness of spices on nuts, minimising rub-off and flavour loss

Customised recipes for client requirements

Norevo and its partner D&F Drouven use their extensive technical knowledge and expertise to develop and optimise confectionery ingredients and product recipes. They provide a holistic approach, offering comprehensive solutions that meet client requirements.
The company systematically optimises ingredient properties to increase performance and meet novelty trends in the international market.
Norevo also partners with the Hamburg University of Applied Science (HAW) and Technische Universität Hamburg (TUHH) for specific development projects.

About Norevo

Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, Norevo provides speciality ingredients and natural raw ingredients to confectionery and food manufacturers worldwide. With offices and production facilities in Germany, Hungary, Mexico, Argentina, Hong Kong and China, the company has extensive in-house capabilities to create products and raw materials that meet stringent regulations and quality requirements.
Norevo’s own laboratories perform analysis of all relevant parameters for the supplied raw materials to ensure that its high-quality goods are available with certificates of analysis. Norevo analysis various product-specific parameters such as trade analysis for honey, loss on drying, pH levels and optical rotation for gum arabic or the content of glycyrrhizinic acid in liquorice extract.