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Palsgaard is a specialist in the manufacture of emulsifiers and stabilisers for bakery, confectionery, dairy, ice cream, margarine, mayonnaise and dressings.

In addition to providing the actual emulsifier / stabiliser solution, the company supports its customers by providing expert application services, helping customers create new products, update existing formulations, fine-tune production processes and prepare for full-scale production in its application centres located worldwide.

Palsgaard is International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 and ISO/FSSC 22000 certified.

The company focuses greatly on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and has a declared goal to become CO2 neutral by 2020.

Activated cake emulsifiers for prolonged shelf-life and improved batter stability

Palsgaard’s bakery division works with both industrial bakeries and manufactures of cake mixes, used in both bakers’ mixes and retail mixes. The company strives for properties such as batter stability, improved cake volume and texture, as well as prolonged shelf-life and simplified labelling.

Together with customers, Palsgaard develops new, healthier and softer cakes, and helps customers optimise existing recipes in its worldwide application centres. The centres create new, safe and market-relevant innovations.

The company’s facilities provide an ideal base for prototyping, all the way from idea to success in the market place.

Palsgaard’s wide range of dedicated cake emulsifiers also includes activated cake emulsifiers, which are extruded emulsifier systems distributed on a food carrier. This innovative process creates a very large surface area – several square metres in one single gramme. Instant effects include fast uptake and the incorporation of air into a cake batter, leading to improved stability and superior cake quality.

Cost-cutting non-GMO chocolate emulsifiers to supplement lecithin

Controlling the flow properties of chocolate mass is key to the successful production of chocolate, whether you are moulding an Easter egg or coating an ice cream.

Palsgaard’s range of specialised, non-genetically modified organisms (GMO) chocolate emulsifiers outperform and supplement lecithin, and offer chocolate manufacturers numerous ways to cut costs, achieve uniform and stable products, and simplify production processes.

Emulsifiers designed for chocolate and confectionery products

Our chocolate emulsifiers are designed especially for use in chocolate and confectionery products, and are manufactured in dedicated plants, designed with state-of-the-art production equipment, using in-house knowledge and with only polyglycerol polyricinoleate (PGPR) and AMP production in mind. This leads to products that are consistent in both quality and functionality.

Emulsifiers and stabilisers for dairy produce

For centuries, milk has been a central part of our essential diet, with new dairy products coming into the market almost every day of the week. This is partly due to new and diverse emulsifier and stabiliser systems, which dramatically improve the performance of dairy products, such as fat-reduced yoghurts, heat-stable chocolate milk drinks, and protein-free UHT whipping creams.

Formulating innovative dairy products requires quality raw materials from the best sources and optimum processing conditions. A detailed understanding of how recipe components and processing conditions interact with each other is essential and is all part of Palsgaard’s service to its customers.

Low-fat ice cream with anti-shrinkage and anti-recrystallisation properties

Making an ice cream with a fat content of just 4% feel and taste as delicious as a conventional full-fat ice cream is quite a challenge, but a challenge Palsgaard’s emulsifier and stabiliser blends are able to meet.

Even though these natural ingredients only make up a small percentage of the finished ice cream, they play a crucial role in the quality of the finished product, which is why it’s important to find the right combination.

Together with customers, the company strives to develop ice creams with just the right creaminess, mouth-feel, meltdown properties, and heat-shock and storage stability. These properties ensure that the ice cream doesn’t melt too quickly and helps prevent defects like shrinkage and recrystallisation during storage and distribution.

Liquid margarine, low-fat spreads and fat-reduced puff pastry margarine

The purpose of an emulsifier is to make two incompatible items, like oil and water, mix and stay together. Just like an emulsifier, Palsgaard makes often crazy ideas come together with good financial results for the manufacturer.

Since 1920, Palsgaard has developed close to 100 emulsifiers, each designed to meet the particular demands of a dedicated margarine product, from liquid margarine for frying and baking, to low-fat spreads with a fat content lower than normally possible, and fat-reduced puff pastry margarine.

Perfecting fine foods such as mayonnaises and dressings

At Palsgaard, we have a large portfolio of emulsifiers, stabilisers and hydrocolloids to help you formulate products such as mayonnaises, sauces and dressings, with the exact characteristics you require.

Whether you want to develop a non-fat dressing, a low-fat mayonnaise or a heat-stable sauce, the company can work with you to find the best solution; it’s rare that new product requests catch us off guard.

Palsgaard’s has subsidiaries in five continents and its extensive network of agents and distributors, covering more than 100 countries worldwide, keep the company up-to-date with the latest regional trends in consumer demand.

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