PROVA conceives and manufactures vanilla, cocoa, coffee and sweet brown extracts and flavours for the sweet food industry.

The company is present in more than 60 countries across five continents. Thanks to the meticulous and respectful selection of raw materials and innovative extraction methods, the company delivers high-quality flavours specifically tailored to meet the consumption trends and local taste preferences of each country.

High-quality, authentic flavourings

Today, PROVA’s unique positioning is reflected by its motto, “Savoir Extraire l’Essentiel” (extracting the essential). This motto reveals the very core of its activity: the essence of taste.

PROVA was created in 1946 and remains an independent family-owned business.

Speciality flavour manufacturing

Thanks to PROVA’s meticulous selection of raw materials and innovative extraction methods, the company’s flavours are renowned for their quality and authenticity.

PROVA’s organoleptic and technical proficiency in regard to raw materials makes it a trendsetting producer of sweet brown flavourings, especially when combined with the on-going improvement of extraction technologies, a scientific team of creative flavourists, and a proven insight into the market’s taste preferences.

The company’s primary focus is to ensure that the ingredients it sources are of the finest quality. The major ranges at the core of PROVA’s portfolio are vanilla, cocoa, coffee and gourmet notes.

Extensive flavour knowledge

With a presence in more than 60 countries across five continents, PROVA’s flavour profiles are tailored specifically and skillfully to meet local taste preferences, consumption trends and the gastronomic culture of each country.

This extensive knowledge of the flavour world demonstrates the strength of the French-based company and why it has achieved significant export success.

Vanilla, cocoa, coffee and gourmet notes

PROVA meets its clients’ requirements by providing concrete and tangible initiatives and top-quality products and services that meet even the most exacting demands.

A dynamic and effective quality management system centres on providing satisfaction to clients and meeting their concerns in terms of food safety and compliance with regulatory local requirements.

Supporting vanilla farmers

Prova supports vanilla farmers through its sustainable vanilla programme Vanille Durable Bemanevika (VDB). The programme addresses the root causes of precarious living conditions in vanilla farming, and improves livelihoods by increasing farmer income through better vanilla bean quality, higher yields, increased proportion of cured vanilla sold, and diversification into other crops.

In addition, PROVA also invests in vanilla farming communities by supporting local initiatives.

PROVA enters long-term partnerships with other big companies in the industry through various joint programmes, aiming to raise awareness on the issues surrounding vanilla farming throughout the supply chain.

Recently, PROVA and Barry Callebaut launched a five-year project in joint partnership in Madagascar to empower vanilla farmers by funding and accompanying local communities through social, health and education programmes. With this project, Vanilla farmers will receive training for cultivating cocoa. Crop diversification will provide a different source of income reducing the dependency of the farmers on the vanilla market.