Since January 2009 Royal VIV Buisman has been the successful result of a merger of Royal Buisman and VIV Vreeland. All existing activities in the field of butter and milkfat products have been unchanged and we are now able to offer a full and complete range of products.

Under the name of Royal Buisman we became expert in making butter, with our experience dating back to 1868.

Under the name of VIV (Vreeland) we specialised in the production and processing of milkfat and milkfat related products. Meanwhile we have become one of the leading manufacturers in this field in Europe.

Our butter, anhydrous milkfat, butter oil and dairy blends are sold to manufacturers in the ice cream, chocolate and bakery industries all over the world. We also carry a full range of bakery butter and concentrated butter for special use.

Royal VIV Buisman’s modern, state-of-the-art factory is situated in the eastern part of The Netherlands. We are fully certified according to ISO, HACCP and COKZ product and processing procedures.

Churned butter

Royal VIV Buisman uses only fresh cream for the production of our churned butter in 25kg cartons, which is ideal for large-scale preparation of final products in the bakery, confectionery, ice cream and chocolate industries, as well as other value added products. We can make several types of butter, like summer and winterbutter, and we can arrange a lactic or sweet cream taste.

This butter, which is sold under the brand name ‘Royal Buisman’, is also very suitable for repackaging into consumer packets. We can supply our butter in 10g cups up to 1,000g packets.

Anhydrous milkfat and butter oil

Our anhydrous milkfat (AMF) and butter oil are used by bakeries, confectioneries and producers of chocolate and ice cream throughout the world. The product is of high quality and the composition is precise. The quality is a result of the excellent fresh cream or butter we use as raw material and our modern production methods and strict quality checks. We can also provide you with AMF with a melting point between 10°C and 44°C.

Upon request we can supply you organic butteroil and we are able to deliver you Kosher (according to KLBD).

Pure butter ghee

For decades consumers and producers around the world have been placing their trust in the consistent quality of our pure butter ghee. Royal VIV Buisman’s ‘Gold Medal’ and ‘Cow Brand’ are widely known and highly appreciated in the Middle East. Meanwhile we have gained a leading position in the Arab countries. Pure butter ghee is available in smaller cans, intended for the consumer market, but also in larger cans intended for bakeries or catering companies.

Concentrated butter

Royal VIV Buisman’s butter concentrates are available in blocks and bars. Our butter concentrates are also available with a high melting point.

Beurre Brillant Croissant has much better puff pastry properties than regular butter. This is one of the reasons a higher product yield can be achieved. Beurre Brillant Millefeuille provides you with the same workability and productivity in high ambient temperatures.

Pâtisse butter

Bakeries use Royal VIV Buisman’s pâtisse butter because of its excellent plasticity the whole year round, which enables our clients to produce superb and consistent quality. Our Beurre Brillant Pâtisse Premier gives a smooth flavour and the taste of real butter. Our Beurre Brillant Pâtisse Excellent provides the same qualities at higher environmental and processing temperatures. Its plasticity and workability is suited for the best puff pastries and layered dough.

We also supply variants of these products specially tailored to the way in which you want to mix: tourage or incorporation. The reliable quality of these products is also directly dependent on the excellent raw materials that we use and our ultra-modern production line for this type of product and strict quality control.

Dairy blends

Royal VIV Buisman produces a variety of dairy blends for use in the food industry. As basic ingredients we use anhydrous milkfat, butter oil, butter or fresh cream. Our laboratory and our pilot plant give us unprecedented knowledge of how to tailor the blends precisely to the application or functionality required by the client. We can also specify a melting point ranging from 10°C to 44°C. Finally, the method of packaging is naturally part of the quality we supply.