Lawson, a global software and solution provider, designs, implements and services solutions for the food and beverage industry. With easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement solutions, food and beverage processing companies can continuously measure, control and eliminate waste.

Food and beverage process manufacturers and distributors need to maintain the right inventory level amid fluctuating market demands while guaranteeing a transparent and traceable supply chain from field to market.

From order to cash, demand to distribution and forecasting to financials, these solutions have the functionality to manage shelf life, catch-weight, and co-and by-products.They help organizations to reduce operational overheads, increase efficiency and synchronize demand with production.


The Lawson food and beverage solution enables companies to better meet the demands of their retailer and food service customers.

Lawson solutions include support for handling perishable and variable products in a fast-moving, repetitive, quality-intense value chain.

They enable efficient execution of all core business processes while supporting collaboration with supply chain partners, delivering visibility across the board.


Eroding margins require tight cost controls. With Lawson solutions, organizations can improve their inventory, sales planning, and order management processes to reduce inventory and increase sales and margin.

With Lawson business intelligence, real-time decision making is practical, providing key information to the right people at the right time. Food and beverage companies can manage their growth with Lawson solutions.

New acquisitions are easily assimilated into the Lawson systems which are easy to learn and use, allowing companies to quickly gain visibility across their growing enterprise.


Lawson knows the food and beverage industry. It has over 20 years of in-depth understanding of industry best practices and know-how in building ERP functionality that mirrors best practices in the food and beverage market.

There are more than 400 food and beverage customers using proven solutions from Lawson. Preconfigured solutions such as QuickStep food and beverage, allow rapid deployment of powerful ERP solutions for a faster time to benefit, with minimal specific configuration required.

Lawson provides a full suite of manufacturing-related software, including human capital management solutions, which help to maximize the strategic value of available resources.


Lawson Trace Engine helps with risk management, providing a competitive advantage in today’s food safety and traceability high-stakes environment. It meets compliance and traceability regulations by responding to US and EU regulatory bodies.

Trace Engine helps build and protect a company’s brand since data can travel with the product, making it more valuable to retailers and consumers.

It provides customers and regulators with online access to trace line data and improves their confidence in your company’s product. This proven solution can help manage food safety and quality from “field to fork”.


Lawson provides tremendous value, as shown in its recent number one ranking having the lowest ‘cost-per-user’ in the ‘Total Cost of ERP Ownership’ study by the Aberdeen Group. This was achieved through open, standards-based architecture, incorporation of best practices, and ease of use.

Lawson delivers this value through its software and implementation services to over 4,000 customers in the manufacturing, distribution, and services industries across 40 countries. Food and beverage organizations select Lawson because simpler is better.