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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Enterprise Software

Selerant is a specialist provider of compliance software and consultancy services that cover the complete formula-based product lifecycle management (PLM), right from the idea to label.

Formula-based product lifecycle management software

Established in 1990, Selerant is a leading global provider of formula-based PLM and compliance software and consulting services
The company was established in 1990 and covers three main areas of manufacturing, which are:
• Food and beverages
• Cosmetics / personal care
• Specialty chemicals
Food and Beverage is Selerant’s best-represented customer category with a client list that encompasses some of the world’s largest global brands such as Nestle, Ghirardelli, Continental Mills, Bacardi, Campari and many more.
Selerant’s product suite is uniquely designed to facilitate the new product development and introduction (NPDI) process to support manufacturers in meeting consumer demands and getting compliant products to market faster.
Devex PLM is Selerant’s formula-based PLM solution for process manufacturers. It is a comprehensive end-to-end enterprise-level software solution that supports all critical aspects of NPDI. It promotes cross-team collaboration among groups such as:
• Innovation,
• R&D
• Regulatory compliance
• Quality and packaging
Devex PLM is a single source of truth for process manufacturers seeking to enhance traceability and visibility into the product lifecycle, as well as expedite products to global markets.

Supplier relationship management

Selerant’s unique and secure portal technology extends the capabilities of PLM systems throughout the manufacturing supply chain. The Selerant Supplier Collaboration Portal (SCP) allows users to make informed decisions during product development for cost, quality and performance optimisation.
The SCP meets NPDI challenges such as on-boarding and management of diverse vendors, and the transition of supplier-provided data into PLM-usable formats (i.e. structured data).

Environmental health and safety software

Hazex EHS is Selerant’s Environmental Health and Safety Solution. It supports the management of the complete chemical product lifecycle, from idea to label. The system facilitates data associated with generating safety datasheets, creating labels, ensuring safe hazardous substances transport and complying with EHS regulations.

Product compliance software

The Compliance Cloud is Selerant’s web-based regulatory compliance automation tool. An organised and structured database, the Compliance Cloud leverages Cloud data intelligence to manage regulatory compliance and monitor food legislation in real-time.
Users can run quick compliance checks, receive email alerts with aggregate food news tailored to the user’s specific needs and receive early notification of regulation changes that affect product formulation.

Sustainable product development software

Eco-design software tool Ecodex is used for evaluating and understanding the environmental impacts of products and packaging. Designed to be used by users without previous experience, it supports organisations in boosting the sustainability of new products, or the current portfolio.
In addition, Selerant offers world-class analysis of business processes, system design, technical know-how, implementation, training and support solutions.
Selerant takes full responsibility in overseeing its PLM projects, using the highest quality practices from successful client implementations to enable quicker, more efficient deployment and use of the latest technology.
Selerant has offices in the United States, Italy, China, Germany, France, Switzerland, India, Serbia and Ukraine.
Selerant is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.

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