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Supply Chain Tracking Solutions

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Tive Inc provides supply chain tracking solutions to the food processing industry.
The company offers a Cloud-based in-transit visibility platform and cellular connected trackers that enable real-time visibility into the location and condition of shipments, from end to end.
Tive provides some of the world’s largest manufacturers, shippers and logistics providers with accurate, end-to-end visibility down to the item level. This allows shippers and logistics providers to efficiently monitor and gain insights for all their shipments, carriers and lanes.

Complete visibility on perishable food products

With the Tive platform, shippers can monitor the condition of perishable food goods through the supply chain with simple and inexpensive real-time temperature and location trackers.
The company’s complete real-time tracker portfolio provides historical shipment data and meets all Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and other regulatory requirements.

Complete supply chain visibility for optimised food supply chains

The Cloud-based Tive platform allows companies to monitor shipments down to an item-level, receive real-time alerts and analyse every aspect of their supply chain processes.
The platform makes creating and planning shipments simple. A new shipment template or profile can be easily set up with custom ID fields, alert profiles and more.
Geofences can be set up to send real-time alerts when shipments arrive and depart key checkpoints. Operators can configure custom climate thresholds to receive further alerts if a shipment exceeds acceptable temperature or humidity ranges. For shipments that require gentle handling, a shock or tilt alert can be set to notify operators in the occurrence of rough treatment.
Going beyond tactical reactions, the platform helps food businesses understand all aspects of their supply chains. Tive combines data from multiple shipments to analyse patterns of spoilage and delay. It uses insights to determine the root causes of these problems, enabling food suppliers to optimise their supply chain from start to finish.
From creating shipment profiles to setting custom alerts, configuring geofences and using the Tive API to move data into your TMS, ERP or SCM systems, Tive makes it easy to access the necessary shipment data whenever required.

Advanced tracking portfolio for visibility of shipment location, integrity and climate

Tive Inc’s long-lasting multi-sensor trackers provide visibility of shipment location, integrity and climate so that food suppliers no longer have to wonder where or in what condition their shipments are. Tive’s combination of proprietary trackers and Cloud-based software gives food processing companies the visibility they need, enabling alerts, reports and analysis on their inbound and outbound shipments.
Our proprietary low-power multi-sensor tracker uses global cellular connectivity and on-board sensors to provide real-time monitoring of shipments.

Tive Flagship Tracker (TT-4000)

Tive Flagship Tracker (TT-4000) is a re-usable tracking device with industry leading battery life (15 months on a single charge). The flagship tracker accurately reports on location using a combination of cellular tower triangulation, GPS and Wi-Fi positioning. It provides rich sensor data for a complete view into the condition of shipments, including location, temperature, humidity, light, shock, orientation and tilt.

Return-by-Mail Tive Flagship Tracker

The Return-by-Mail Tive Flagship Tracker (TT-4000-USPS) simplifies the reverse logistics of the Flagship Tracker through a USPS Business Reply Mail sleeve. This device is the only tracker on the market that can be returned by USPS mail using the simple Business Reply Mail process and customised to return to your location.

Tive Solo 2G Single-Use Tracker

Tive Solo 2G Single-Use Tracker (TT-5000) is a reliable and easy-to-use single-use tracker. Ideal for perishable food products and pharmaceutical products, it monitors the location, temperature and light of shipments in real-time.

Tive Solo 5G Single-Use Tracker

Tive Solo 5G Single-Use Tracker (TT-7000) is designed for companies tired of losing real-time connectivity. This tracker provides ubiquitous and complete global coverage.

Tive Beacon Item-Level Tracking

Tive Beacon (TT-6000) Item-Level tracking is also available and enables users to monitor temperature levels down to the stock-keeping unit (SKU) / item-level of your shipments. It can also monitor variations inside the trailer or container by placing multiple beacons on a single shipment.

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