Unleashed is an online inventory management system that gives food manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors visibility and reporting to manage their goods across suppliers, warehouses, production and sales.
The system optimises processes, removing time-consuming administrative tasks to free up time for food manufacturers and wholesalers. This enables them to focus on increasing productivity and profitability.
The software manages materials and finished goods in real-time to maximise production efficiency and minimise wastage. Its Cloud-based format provides businesses with visibility to accurately know the stock they have on hand.

Inventory management application for stock visibility

Unleashed’s track and trace application offers an alternative to spreadsheets for batches of perishable products. This allows food manufacturers to monitor the movement of inventory from raw ingredient sourcing to completed sales.
The software maintains stock visibility with features such as batch number and serial number tracking.
Users can also monitor their products through all stages of production to enhance quality assurance (QA) procedures and ensure compliance with the stringent safety standards of the food processing industry.

Inventory and recipe management for food production

Unleashed documents production costs, including third-party manufacturing and packaging.
The platform delivers a comprehensive bill of materials (BOM) to reflect the costs and margins of sourcing, preparing and packaging goods.
Users can use the BoM to manage recipes more efficiently, minimise waste and reduce costs. Production cost data such as third-party manufacturing, wastage and packaging expenditure are captured to improve margin accuracy.
Unleashed automatically breaks down bulk orders into individual units to make it easier to check the inventory of each required ingredient in preparation for order fulfilment.

Integrated online sales platform

Unleashed provides an efficient sales processes, turning sales quotes into active orders with just a click of a button, meaning less manual processing and room for error.
The platform integrates with leading accounting, eCommerce, point-of-sale (POS) and analytics platforms to create an end-to-end system for businesses. Food manufacturers can use this eCommerce integration to manage stock efficiently across multiple sales channels.
Unleashed’s dedicated business to business (B2B) platform automates customer orders, replacing manual phone and email orders.

About Unleashed Software

Founded in New Zealand and now operating with customers in more than 90 countries, Unleashed is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that provides a Cloud-based inventory management system.
The company has won three Xero App Partner awards, and is recognised on the Gartner Inventory Management FrontRunners Quadrant.
Unleashed’s integrated platform provides precise tracking data for stock to help businesses reduce costs and increase profits. The company partners with e-commerce, POS and accounting software to create a comprehensive solution. It offers scalability for businesses ranging from food manufacturers to coffee roasters and health supplement wholesalers.