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Sanitary Powder Process and Packaging Solutions for the Food and Dairy Industry

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AMH Technologies specialises in dry bulk material handling, pneumatic conveying, production intermittent processes, and packaging systems for the food industry.

Turnkey packaging systems for food processing

AMH offers total system design, manufacturing, installation, start-up and after-sales services for food processing and packaging systems.

The company produces high-quality equipment for the food, dairy, chemical, mineral and pharmaceutical industries.

AMH is involved in various projects, including equipment and accessory sale, and installation of turnkey systems.

Through its extensive research and development programme, AMH sets new standards for bulk handling equipment performance through improved products. The company also selects vendors to design and build greenfield projects.

Bulk material handling and packaging solutions

AMH provides solutions for bulk storage, milling, sieving, pneumatic conveying, weigh batching, air filtration and unloading for food processing.

Packaging solutions and sizes from 100g sachets to 1t big bag filling systems are available.

The company adheres to hygienic engineering and design in all system integrations.

Dry mixing for food production processes

AMH specialises in dry mixing processing and offers customised solutions to fit specific requirements.

A range of services is available for applications, including using minor ingredients, recipe changes, pre-weighing, product colouring, odour and heat sensitivity, mixing homogeneity, product lumpiness and ease of cleaning.

The company manufactures 50l lab mixers of up to 4,000l, which can be customised in various designs, such as ribbon and paddle.

Intermediate bulk containers for food

Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) are ideal for blending ingredients. AMH produces Alpha and Hybrid blending systems asproprietary solutions for dry powder mixing industries.

Alpha IBC blenders are manufactured with a hydraulic clamping mechanism running with HV 32 hydraulic oil that is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

IBC bins can be clamped and tumbled in asymmetric axis at 4rpm – 18rpm using Siemens, or Allan Bradley PLC and HMI.

Ingredients are filled and managed within a protective environment to guard against airborne dust, waste spillage, machine product cross-contamination and human error.

The company monitors and validates critical functions using logic controllers.

Clean-in-place automated IBC bin systems

Alpha clean-in-place (CIP) automated IBC bin cleaning and drying systems, as well as validation and verification processes, ensure the bins are safe for the next cycle of usage.

AMH’s IBC bins are fitted with a chargepoint containment docking valve capable of achieving down to <1µg/m³. The valves protect the operator and the environment from hazardous products during manufacturing processes.

The company’s hybrid blending systems combine paddle mixing and IBC filling and discharging.

Due to the short time for paddle mixing, there are benefits of applying Hybrid for bulk mixing of a single recipe, as blended products are transferred to many docking areas.

AMH has been working with Lindor for the past 15 years to supply gentle-touch rotary drum mixers. The Lindor mixer is suitable for heat-sensitive products due to its delicate mixing feature.

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No 8, Jalan Anggerik Mokara
31/61 Kota Kemuning, Sekyen 31
Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Kuala Lumpur

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