Ammeraal Beltech proudly introduces RAPPLON® Food-Grade Elastic Metal Detectable Belts, a groundbreaking innovation engineered to serve as vigilant gatekeepers that filter out foreign bodies that might compromise the quality of food products.

RAPPLON® belts are crafted from metal-detectable and food-grade materials, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and food safety. They possess characteristics similar to standard elastic belts, including impressive lifetimes, resistance to abrasion, elasticity, and ease of splicing. However, what sets them apart is their unwavering dedication to safeguarding food products from foreign bodies that might compromise their quality.

In addition to their metal-detectable properties, these belts are built with QuickSplice Technology, which streamlines splicing processes, reducing downtime and maximizing production output. They also minimise the load on shafts and bearings, extending the lifetime of these critical components.

For further details on RAPPLON® Food Grade Elastic Metal Detectable Belts and how they can revolutionise your operations in the food sector, please contact Ammeraal experts and visit the website.