Ammeraal Beltech is a world leader in providing complex conveying solutions. The company’s history began with developing a groundbreaking belt for the bakery industry. Today, the company’s products are available in over 150 countries around the globe, and new launches are scheduled throughout the year. This time, it conquers the market with Duraclean, a synthetic belt perfect for processing sticky foods in the bakery and confectionery industry and not only.

Bakery and Confectionery Industry: major challenges

Some products require specific treatment, and the whole industry poses particular challenges. Energy bars, snacks, and even ready-to-eat meals need delicate handling as the products are prone to damage. The integrity and quality of goods need to be secured.

Baked foodstuffs are often dense or feature ingredients that leave a residue, such as fillings, fruit, and jams, which may lead to stickiness. If a sticky component gets trapped in the production line, extra time is needed to remove and clean the conveyor. Not to mention the waste of the product itself. The whole production process is thus slowed down, and most manufacturers in this field value efficiency. They need to process large volumes of goods at a fast pace. However, it’s important to balance speed with quality, ensuring size, taste, and presentation are uniform across the batch.

Duraclean – a new level in non-stick belting

Ammeraal Beltech understands Bakery and Confectionery pain points and has created a solution to address them all: Duraclean, a synthetic belt for sticky products.

Its thermoplastic compound blended cover ensures excellent mechanical properties and is suitable for use with belt scrapers and knife edge transfer applications.

Duraclean – major advantages for your business

Duraclean offers several improvements for bakery and confectionery manufacturers. Excellent product release properties, high abrasion resistance, leading to longer service life, and wide working temperature range, just to name a few.

The design of the belt grants users longer belt life and improved hygiene standards. The solution significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination, is easy to sanitise and compliant with EC 1935/2004 and FDA food safety standards.

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