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Metal Belts, Pulleys and Conveyor Systems

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Belt Technologies has been manufacturing metal belts, pulleys and conveyor systems for more than 50 years. We’ve been helping engineers design continuous metal belts and conveyor systems for wide-ranging applications in food processing, aerospace, medical equipment, electronics, solar panel manufacturing, tobacco, automation and material handling.

With excellent cold and heat transfer properties, metal belts are used in freezing, cooking, baking and processing of seafood, meat, poultry, dairy (cheese, butter and milk products) and snack foods. Stainless-steel belts can be perforated for drainage or to increase temperature transfer. Stainless-steel belts are smooth and will not generate, trap or release particles that can be transferred to the product.

Metal belts will not fray, require no lubrication, are corrosion resistant, chemical resistant and odorless, and will not impart taste. In addition, the sanitizing of metal belts to meet FDA and or USDA requirements can be accomplished using cold or heated high-pressure wash, chemical sprays, and ozone or steam pressure. Metal belts operate in extreme environments and can exceed millions of cycles while maintaining a +/- .002in (.0508mm) positioning tolerance over the life of the belt.

Metal belt and conveyor system for meat processing, conveying and packaging

Whether your need is to move meat or poultry on trays or direct product contact on the production belt, we can design a continuous metal belt and conveyor solution for your application.

Our belts allow for the product being processed to be handled on a system that will not impart taste or particulates into the product, while ensuring easy clean-up with industry approved wash-down sterilization procedures.

Belt Technologies has answered the call and has met the demanding needs and guidelines of the industry. Choosing the right system or, better yet, manufacturer makes a significant difference in the quality of the product and process. If you’re looking for a system to keep your meat and poultry products safe and secure, Belt Technologies has the answer.

Continuous stainless-steel belts for cooking / baking

Whether baking bread, rolls or tortillas, or cooking hamburgers; our metal belts and conveyor handling solutions keep your products safe, secure and contamination free.

The food industry requires quality transporting of product in a clean and highly productive environment and demands the best solutions to meet stringent industry needs. Continuous stainless-steel metal belts offer options necessary for you to meet or exceed your product quality and production output requirements.

Solid metal belts for seafood conveying

From sea to shelf; processing seafood in a fast paced, high production and clean environment is a challenge that our metal belts can meet.

From peeling and packaging prawns, to conveying fish fillets, and from processing the catch, through flash freezing tunnels, to packaging for longer shelf life at the grocery, stainless-steel metal belts are the best choice to produce consistent production and quality results.

With solid continuous metal belts from Belt Technologies there is no need to worry about smaller fillet pieces or prawns falling through gaps, as they often do with wire belts. And cleaning is far easier, with no need to completely disassemble the process line. Metal belts can be flood washed with cleaning agents and fresh water.

Steel belts for dairy processing and packaging

For the production, processing and packaging of cheese, butter, spreads or milk products and to ensure the process avoids contaminants, Belt Technologies has the solution.

In a milk processing environment, the cartons travel on steel belts during the production process. The use of steel belts is a highly hygienic alternative to using traditional plastic and PU conveyor systems.

Avoiding the spread of contaminants is imperative in belt technology: steel belts are far easier to clean than their plastic counterparts and do not need to be lubricated in order to transmit power. This is important because germs and potentially harmful bacteria are attracted to dust generated by lubricant grease, which can potentially contaminate food or other products.

Stainless-steel metal belts for chocolate / snack food production

Stainless-steel metal belts offer a unique manufacturing platform for chocolate and snack food production processes. Metal belts are solid so product shrinkage by product falling through traditional wire framed belts is eliminated.

In addition, the precise tempering and shaping of chocolate is critical to the process so the excellent thermo transfer characteristics of metal belts, and their flatness – no lubrication needed – make these belts superior to traditional conveyor belting.

Working with Belt Technologies

Our engineering and technical sales staff is involved on the front end with our customers’ engineering and product development teams to identify, design and ensure the belt or complete conveyor system is successful for the application.

Our customers report huge benefits, such as increased throughput, decreased down-time, an improvement in overall performance, and better product quality and consistency. Metal belts are the logical choice when these benefits are needed.

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