As the oldest manufacturer of metal conveyor belts and woven wire cloth in the industry, Cambridge Engineered Solutions provides the most innovative new metal conveyor belting technology for the food processing industry. Our patented designs are perfect for fryers, breaders, ovens, cooling lines, spiral freezers, packaging and transfers.

Stainless-steel conveyor belting

Easy-to-clean stainless-steel conveyor belting outlasts and outperforms belts composed of other materials, such as plastic. It can save maintenance and downtime, and improve throughput, making food processing industries more profitable.

Cambridge offers effective solutions for all metal conveyor belting needs. Our solutions begin by evaluating processing lines, and making determinations that increase production and minimize downtime and maintenance. We also provide installation, maintenance and troubleshooting assistance through our knowledgeable engineering and sales teams. Using quality materials and superior construction, metal conveyor belting by Cambridge Engineered Solutions is the most trusted conveyor belt available worldwide.

Conveyor belts for poultry plants and frying lines

DuraHinge has proven itself in the poultry industry by withstanding even the toughest processing. With simple sanitation and maintenance, DuraHinge conveyor belts provide maximum throughput and efficiency. While DuraHinge is a significant improvement over other flex-style metal belting because it offers the longest belt life, for the toughest processing applications we recommend DURAFLEX.

DURAFLEX, the preferred solution for fryers, breading lines, and other challenging applications, improves performance and eliminates brittle belt problems, reducing wear and breakage due to early fatigue. Build-up on breading or battering lines is minimal and easily cleaned, and in fryer applications oil is moved gently as DURAFLEX travels the line, providing maximum open space and stable product support. This metal belt splices in as little as 30 seconds using its patented Kwik Connect Splice Rod, making it the most user-friendly metal conveyor belt available.

Advanced flat wire belting for ovens, cooling and dewatering

Cambridge’s newest metal belting innovation, PacTitan, outperforms and outlasts all other flat wire belting. Its openings can be adjusted for the best balance of product support and open area. Lasting up to 30% longer than conventional flat wire belts, PacTitan provides excellent airflow, cleanability, and better baking performance.

Industry-leading metal belting for ovens and fryers

For processing lines affected by variable temperatures, precision mesh and its matched sprockets and drive rolls are fabricated to withstand a range of processing environments. The precisely-matched sprockets are designed to fit perfectly into the open area of the mesh, providing a natural self-cleaning action. The drive rolls have graduated teeth to allow for expansion and contraction of the belt in applications using high heat.

This construction guarantees that the conveyor belt will track properly throughout all stages of the manufacturing process, especially on oven and fryer lines, eliminating tracking problems and edge damage.

Spiral belting for spiral cage and self-stacking systems

A variety of metal belting options are available for spiral cage and self-stacking systems, for cooking/baking, cooling, and freezing applications. Our expert team examines your current process and assists each customer in determining the best option of metal belting for the longest belt life and maximum product throughput.

All of Cambridge’s specified belts for use in spiral cages are compatible with systems from all major OEMs. Engineered for the best tracking and performance, metal conveyor belts also eliminate the sanitation and fire risks associated with plastic belting.

Superior-quality baking bands

Cambridge’s quality materials contribute to a longer belt life and allow our metal conveyor belts to carry more load and, therefore, lead to more throughput. Tried and true engineering and manufacturing methods ensure that these baking bands track properly and last longer.

Cambridge’s stainless-steel mesh belts provide even temperatures for optimum baking. For baking applications done directly on the belt, CB3 and CB5 are the best-performing baking band options available.

The Cambridge way

For over 100 years, Cambridge has been at the forefront of manufacturing automation. Our success is driven by our desire to help our customers be more productive, and more profitable.

We do not simply make metal conveyor belts. Our experienced engineers analyze each customer’s individual needs and work closely with them to develop a defined strategy that will give them the longest belt life with optimal performance. We understand that each company has specific requirements and we aim to evaluate each individually and apply 100 years of experience to provide an ideal solution.

This proven technique of assisting our customers through partnerships that spotlight revolutionary technology that helps customers perform better is the basis of our core purpose and has led to the development of Cambridge’s Environmental Technologies division. This inventive sister company provides particulate control, filtration, and emissions control solutions.