Capway Systems is a leading supplier of fully automated and integrated bakery systems. Capway is known for providing tailor-made solutions for all types of automated bakery systems. A Capway bread production line is made up of various components such as proofers, robot systems, depanners, conveyors, bread coolers and cleaning equipment. All these components are also available for the up-grading and automation of already existing lines. Capway also offers dedicated bread production solutions in control programs and software for complete line management systems.

Rijkaart – part of the Capway group – is a pioneer and trendsetter in lamination and dough processing equipment. Rijkaart lines are used worldwide for the production of bread products as diverse as croissant, Danish pastry, ciabatta, baguettes, pizza, pie, puff pastry, cheese stick and all other laminated dough products. Capway Rijkaart can provide service and spare parts, as well as upgrading for increased efficiency and productivity of existing lines.

Capway Pan supplies non-coated and Teflon-coated bread pans, trays and baking forms. Capway Pan products are made to customer specification and are completely compatible with robot systems integrated into production lines. Capway Pan products of course can also be used on non-Capway production lines.

Bakery production lines

Capway Systems is a solution provider for bakeries. This is illustrated by the plant concepts that are at the heart of each lay-out. Capway plant concepts are used for so-called ‘mono product lines’ that are focused and optimised for the production of one type of bread. Capway has the ability to realise production lines that can produce different types of breads on one and the same line: the ‘Cap-Flex’ concept.

Cap-Flex lines are characterised by the ability to handle a wide range of bread types with the accompanying different types of baking forms and / or baking trays. Furthermore, changing from one type of bread to another takes only the bare minimum in change-over time.

Capway production lines are based on the tailor-made combination of unique line components that fit your particular needs and demands. Capway line components – such as robot systems, proofers, depanners, product coolers – are also available as separate pieces of equipment. Capway equipment can be seamlessly integrated for the optimisation and automation of your existing production line.

Bakery robot systems

Capway Systems pioneered the application of robots in bakeries in 1987. Since then the Capway RoboCap has become the benchmark for robots in bread production lines. The RoboCap is a portal mounted robot especially designed for handling, buffering and storing of a wide range of baking forms, baking trays and lids.

After pioneering portal mounted robots, Capway has expanded its expertise in robotic systems into so-called RoboGrip “one-armed” robots. These versatile robots are used for the lidding and de-lidding of baking forms as well as the cutting of dough, needle depanning and crate filling.

Compact baking oven

Capway Systems have developed a compact baking oven called the “BakeStep”. This convection type oven is equipped with the ZAP system (Zigzag Airflow Principle) and an adjustable top / bottom heat diversion, which is designed especially for crusty type products such as baguettes, petits pains, Kaiser rolls and Schrippen.

The BakeStep compact baking oven can be used with steel or aluminium trays, shaped baking forms and stone plates. The BakeStep can also be used to bake freestanding hearth-baked products.

This vertical oven is the most compact system available and gives you superb efficiency for your floor space. In combination with “CapStep” type proofers, coolers and / or freezers, complete high-capacity production lines can be installed in small areas.

Full service for lamination and dough processing equipment

Rijkaart is renowned in the worldwide bakery industry for its pioneering work in manufacturing equipment for laminated dough products.

The integration of Rijkaart into the Capway group results in a company that can provide bakery equipment to tackle almost all phases in the bread making process. Due to the shared focus on quality, innovation, reliability and flexibility, Rijkaart and Capway make a natural fit.

Capway Rijkaart is able to:

  • Provide up-to-date service and spare parts for all Rijkaart and Sasib lines
  • Upgrade your installed Rijkaart line for increased efficiency and productivity